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The Surprising Activity of the Spirit
The Rev. Dr. Denise Honeycutt traces her roots back to North Carolina and explores how the risen Christ shows up in life, in work, and as the guiding spirit for the development of the Center for Missi ...
The Global-Local Connection
The “Glocal” approach to mission: Reflections on bringing the local and the global together to develop new ministries and outreach in the community.
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A Mission to Serve, Then and Now: Grace United Methodist Church in Atlanta
Although Global Ministries has a new headquarters in Atlanta, Grace UMC, which shares its space with the agency, has a long history of mission on its own.
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A Future of Connection, Not Separation
Thomas Kemper envisions “A Future of Connection, Not Separation,” in this first story of New World Outlook’s Winter issue: In the Fullness of God’s Purpose.
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Religious Freedom: Grounded in Love
Grounded in Love is Global Ministries’ foundational document for a theological approach to the issue of religious freedom in the world.

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