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Health Systems Strengthening

Global Ministries’ Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) program helps to strengthen the physical infrastructure, human resources, operational capacity and sustainability of United Methodist and partnering health facilities and programs around the world. As part of this program, Global Ministries works to improve standards of care, always ensuring that the effort will be part of a larger strategy of community-based health education and development.

The HSS program objectives are structured around the six pillars of health systems strengthening which are to:

  • Enhance health service delivery and quality

  • Improve and sustain Health Human Resources.

  • Promote the appropriate use of Medicines and Technologies.

  • Facilitate the establishment of sustainable financing systems and improved affordability of health services

  • Encourage use of Information Systems to support decision-making to improve health services

  • Increased Leadership and Governance, including empowerment and accountability, in health service planning and delivery


Gifts to this program via Advance #982168 can make a big difference.
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