United Methodist Committee on Relief

UMCOR News Stories

19 Mar 2014 Faith Community Nurses Help Heal Body, Mind and Soul
Faith community nurses offer a unique ministry of healing.
19 Mar 2014 Who Pays for UMCOR?
One Great Hour of Sharing helps keep the lights on at UMCOR.
18 Mar 2014 World Water Day is March 22
Access to clean water is a major concern in our world, and the church is playing its part in this global social issue.
18 Mar 2014 Disaster Recovery is Much More than Cleanup
UMCOR training helps United Methodists be hands and feet of Christ in the wake of disasters.
14 Mar 2014 El Porvenir: Clean Water, Healthy Nicaraguans
Together with partners like El Porvenir, UMCOR promotes access to safe water for impoverished communities.
13 Mar 2014 UMCOR Relief Kits Distributed in Syria
UMCOR partners distributed 20,974 school kits and 20,065 health kits to Syrian and Iraqi children in four schools in Damascus.
13 Mar 2014 'Why Do You Work?'
A Hurricane Sandy survivor asks: 'Why do you work?’
12 Mar 2014 Disaster Recovery: Promise of Abundant Life
It’s important to respond as soon as possible to a disaster, to be present with the people, says UMCOR head Denise Honeycutt.
12 Mar 2014 New One Great Hour of Sharing Resources Available
New One Great Hour of Sharing resources are available for you to use and share, as part of a Pastor’s Kit offered by The United Methodist Church.
12 Mar 2014 Disaster-Response Jigsaw Contains Crucial Constants
Communication, emergency funding and needs assessments are critical to UMCOR’s disaster-response process.
12 Mar 2014 In This Together
Partnerships extend UMCOR’s reach.
11 Mar 2014 Japan: Long Recovery from Triple Disaster
UMCOR is still involved in Japan’s recovery and rehabilitation three years after its triple disaster.
11 Mar 2014 Institute Strengthens Food Security, Leadership
Self-sufficiency is the overarching goal of the Asian Rural Institute, an UMCOR partner in Japan.
10 Mar 2014 Volunteers Share Mission at UMCOR Supply Depots
UMCOR Relief-Supply Network offers an effective and meaningful way to be present to those in need.
10 Mar 2014 UMCOR: A Voice of Conscience for Nearly 75 Years
From its post-war origins to this day, UMCOR assists and accompanies vulnerable communities around the world.
6 Mar 2014 UMCOR Stands with Syrian Families
Upon the third anniversary of the Syrian conflict, UMCOR joins other InterAction member organizations in a statement of concern for Syrian families.
6 Mar 2014 Help UMCOR Respond to the Cholera Outbreak in North Katanga, DRC
UMCOR needs your help to respond to this outbreak and help prevent it from happening again.
6 Mar 2014 Five Ways to Make Water Last
Mark your calendar: World Water Day is March 22.
6 Mar 2014 Women Making a Difference
International Women’s Day is this Saturday, March 8; read about some extraordinary women.
4 Mar 2014 A 40-Day One Great Hour of Sharing Devotional eBook
This Lenten season, try a new resource, a One Great Hour of Sharing devotional ebook, offering United Methodists and friends 40 days of meditations about the needs of others around the world.
4 Mar 2014 Colorado Wildfires Leave Lingering Needs
Some survivors of the 2012 Colorado wildfires are still rebuilding their homes.
27 Feb 2014 Typhoon Haiyan: The ACT Alliance Response
A look at the ACT Alliance response to Typhoon Haiyan, or Yolanda, of which UMCOR is a member organization.
27 Feb 2014 Building Anew in Haiti
UMCOR works with partners to rebuild a key educational institution.
25 Feb 2014 Philippines Typhoon: ‘People First’ in Restoring Homes
UMCOR helps rebuild homes in the hard-hit community of Calogcog in Leyte Province.
20 Feb 2014 Tackling Malaria in East Congo
Thanks to strong local leadership, 700,000 nets are distributed.