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Read about the work of Global Ministries, including missionaries, UMCOR, volunteers, partnerships, young adult programs, The Advance, human rights, and peace and justice issues throughout the world.


Recent News and Stories

Water is Hope
22 Mar 2017
Water is essential to life, and access to it greatly affects the quality of life for millions.
Rev. Evelyn Erbele Alaskan of the Week
21 Mar 2017
On March 15, 2017 Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) presented the Alaskan of the Week to Rev. Evelyn Erbele, a missionary with the Global Ministries...
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A Solid Financial Foundation for Mission
21 Mar 2017
Generally, anything good comes with some degree of sacrifice or letting go of the present for a better future.
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Response to Humanitarian Crises in the Horn of Africa
20 Mar 2017
Civil strife and famine in South Sudan, the world’s youngest country, are tearing thousands of people from their homes, leading to starvation and lack ...
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Eurasia-Central Asia In Mission Together Consultation XIX
16 Mar 2017
The 29th Eurasia-Central Asia Consultation of In Mission Together will meet May 5¬6, 2017 at the Baltimore-Washington Conference center, Fulton, Mary ...
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Leadership Alongside: Global Coaching and Strategic Initiatives
14 Mar 2017
Local and global mission has been my lifelong passion. Following God’s call has taken me to rural, urban, and suburban settings around the world.
Children Find Hope in National Justice for Our Neighbors
9 Mar 2017
Through JFON’s annual report, 8,940 cases were recorded including advice and counsel to clients, family reunification and work authorization to name a ...
Travel Ban/ Muslim Exclusion Ban 2.0
9 Mar 2017
This order limits access to our nation by the most vulnerable people in the world—those we are called to serve.
Where Is Home?
9 Mar 2017
Merlin Metsla, a Global Mission Fellow from Estonia serving in Brazil: “In God, my heart can be complete and at home.”
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Refugees: Our Neighbors
8 Mar 2017
The General Board of Global Ministries and UMCOR will continue ministries along the US-Mexican border, services to refugees in the Middle East, and ad ...
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Be Bold for Change: Celebrating Women Globally
7 Mar 2017
Global Health celebrates International Women's Day
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Transformed by the Wesleyan Movement: Global Mission Connections
7 Mar 2017
The Rev. Mande Muyombo shapes the work of the Global Connections unit with the perspective of one who was a direct beneficiary of mission work in the ...

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