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Prayers for a Burmese Mother-to-Be

Date Posted: 3/07/2013 9:00:00 AM
Posted By: Global Ministries

By Shannon Kim*

The GJV (Global Justice Volunteers) here in Dallas are learning so much, and it has only been our third day of work. The weather is not too bad here, yet I feel that as the sun goes down, the warmer the temperature gets.

Our parsonage is nice and very quaint. We have had some insects (mainly cockroach and spider problems), but we were able to take care of that with bug spray. Jason has become quite the chef here as well. The RST (Refugee Services of Texas) has just been great! They have all been very welcoming and warm. I think they like the young presence here.

Shannon Kim is a United Methodist Global Justice Volunteer serving the Refugee Services of Texas in Dallas.

Photo of Shannon Kim by Christopher Tricomi

Anyway, we have already been out in the field to meet with clients and transport them to hospitals. Here is just a Facebook post I wanted to share about my experience so far:

Hello all!

I am asking for your thoughts and prayers for a pregnant Burmese refugee woman that I have been helping since the beginning of my mission internship.

Yesterday I was honored to join her and her husband for a sonogram to see the sex of the baby. To experience the sight of the baby's spine, heart, and little foot was something truly amazing.  For this couple to share such a private moment with Kyungyeon Park and I was a blessing.

This will be her first out of four past pregnancies, to give birth at a hospital with the right medical equipment. Although she is 38 weeks along her pregnancy, this was her first sonogram and she was excited to know the sex of the baby before it is born. But, because the baby is in a face down position, it was difficult to give a firm confirmation on the sex.  The doctor tells us that he believes a baby girl will be born. However, the baby's umbilical cord has two tubes instead of three. In cases such as these, the baby can be a still born, but the doctor says that the baby seems to be doing just fine.

So I hope you will just keep the baby in your thoughts and pray that the baby continues to move inside mommy. Thank you! The support you have already shown is amazing!

I will continue to keep you updated! Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

*  Shannon Kim is a United Methodist Global Justice Volunteer serving the Refugee Services of Texas in Dallas

The Global Justice Volunteers program of the General Board of Global Ministries is a short-term service opportunity for young adults, who learn and work alongside local communities exploring the role and responsibility of the church to engage in mission, ministry, and service.


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