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You don't have to be a big church to host a Mission Celebration.

Mission Celebrations

A Mission Celebration is an event planned by local church leaders and resourced by missionaries and General Board of Global Ministries staff, which provides a variety of activities and learning opportunities to meet local church members where they are and challenge them to reflect, learn, and engage in missions locally and around the world.


  • To inspire and energize local church members to get involved in mission both locally and globally;
  • To provide the foundation of our United Methodist theology of mission and evangelism;
  • To educate local leaders about practical strategies to lead their churches in mission work that empowers, celebrates, and shares God’s love with all;
  • To invite the local church to be in mission through prayerful and pledged financial support.

Optional Activities:

  • Worship;
  • Keynote speakers;
  • Conversations with congregations and leaders around the world—connecting with the global church via new technology;
  • Missionaries (including young adult missionaries) sharing about their ministry;
  • Hands-on mission activities (e.g., assembling health kits) that involve people of all ages;
  • Workshops (See ideas below) that train mission teams and individuals in areas including: worship, developing partnerships, evangelism, intercultural communication, children’s ministry, and music in mission, as well as targeted training about the geographical areas where our denomination is involved in ministry;
  • Information on opportunities to be involved in local missions;
  • Opportunities for churches to make a financial commitment to mission through Global Ministries.

Workshop ideas: (for potential workshop facilitators, contact

  • Global Ministries work
  • Missionary sharing about his/her work
  • Youth and young adults in mission
  • SPSARV – UMC Addiction program
  • Children's Ministry & Mission
  • Christ & Culture in Africa
  • Annual conference specific overseas projects
  • 50/50 Mission Partnership – In Mission Together: Asset-based, Long Term Development
  • Evangelism & Mission
  • Mission as a Way to Bridge Church & Community
  • Embracing Young Adults in Your Community
  • Mission Leader Training
  • Missionaries for the 21st Century
  • Reaching "All Nations" - Multicultural Ministry
  • Muslims, Christians, and Jesus
  • Singing God's Song: From Everywhere to Everywhere
  • Developing Ethnic/Culture specific ministry in the US

Global Ministries will empower you to plan and facilitate a Mission Celebration for your congregation by providing you with the necessary resources.

Rev. Daniel Topalski is Skyping from a partner church in Bulgaria as part of Trinity on the Hill United Methodist Church's outreach celebration. February 2-3, 2013. Augusta, Georgia.
Photo: Debi Tyree


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