Global Ministries

The United Methodist Church

Connecting the Church in Mission

Global Mission Connections

A new unit, Global Mission Connections, will be responsible for new regional offices that will reflect structurally Global Ministries’ recognition of a multi-centered world. The regional offices represent a vibrant new means for strengthening Global Ministries’ relevance to the Church by providing new avenues for dialogue between Global Ministries and its partners around the world.

Mande Muyombo
Executive Director, Global Mission Connections

Edgar Avitia
Global Area Liaison/Latin America & the Caribbean Area Liaison

Sandra Persaud
Program Associate

Margaret Fenton
Operations & Project Manager


Yollande Yambo
Area Liaison, Africa (Francophone)

Soila Vincent
Program Assistant, Africa (Francophone)

Alfiado Zunguza
Area Liaison, Africa (Lusophone)

Ana Morais
Program Assistant, Africa (Lusophone)


Paul Kong
Head of Office/Regional Representative

Rebecca Asedillo
Area Liaison, Asia/Pacific

Myungim Kim
Area Liaison, Asia/Pacific

Herbie Gore
Program Assistant, Asia/Pacific

Europe, Eurasia & North Africa

Ullas Tankler
Executive Secretary - Europe, Eurasia & North Africa

Mary Mwambay
Program Associate – Europe, Eurasia & North Africa

Latin America & the Caribbean

Luis de Souza Cardoso
Head of Office/Regional Representative

Juan Gattinoni
Program Executive, LAC

Eliana Lillevik
Program Assistant, LAC & Global Area Liaison  

United States

Malcolm Frazier
US Representative

LeKisha Reed
Executive Secretary, Networks & Constituencies

Jenny Bokanga
Program Assistant

UN Liaison Office 

David Wildman
Executive Secretary, Middle East, Human Rights & Racial Justice

US National Plans

Francisco Cañas
Executive Director, National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministries

Manuel Padilla
Manager of Conference Relations & Strategy, NPHLM

Christian Van
Executive Director, AALM & PIMP

Leticia Damian
Program Assistant, NPHLM/AALM/PIMP

Paul Chang 
Executive Director, Korean Ministry Plan

Erin Kim
Program Associate, Korean Ministry Plan

Glen “Chebon” Kernell
Executive Secretary, Native American & Indigenous Ministries