Global Ministries

The United Methodist Church

Connecting the Church in Mission

Mission and Evangelism

The Mission and Evangelism Unit recruits, places, and supports missionaries, including young adults, from many lands and cultures in a variety of ministries. The unit also links to the mission volunteer movement; promotes and oversees new mission initiatives; cultivates ties with United Methodist conferences in the United States and with other conferences, churches, and mission partners outside the United States; and relates to a broad range of racial/ethnic, community-based, and youth-oriented ministries. There are two sub-units in Mission and Evangelism - Justice and Relationships, and Missionary Services.

George Howard
Mission & Evangelism, Deputy General Secretary, 212-870-3885,
Judy Chung
Associate General Secretary, Missionary Services,
Alberto Dominguez
Mission Personnel Officer,
Alejandra Padilla
Exec. Secretary Missionary Selection and Accompaniment,
Alexandra Franco
Program Assistant,
Alfiado Zunguza
Executive Secretary Africa
Ayesha Perrin
Manager – Missionary Benefits & Leave Administrative,
Carla Warnock
Wellness Coordinator,
Carol Dorman
Executive Assistant, Mission & Evangelism,
Cathy Whitlatch
Executive Secretary, Training & Continuing Education,
David Wildman
Executive Secretary, Middle East, Human Rights, & Racial Justice,
Edgar Avitia
Executive Secretary, Latin America & the Caribbean,
Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee
Director, Young Adult Mission Services,
Ellen Kim
Program Associate, Itineration,
Eunice Iliya
Executive Secretary, Africa
Eva Joyce
Administrative Assistant,
Giuseppina Avitia
Program Associate,
Glen Kernell
Executive Secretary, Native American & Indigenous Ministries,
Gwendolyn Bonilla
Logistical Coordinator, Missionary Services,
Juan Gattinoni
Executive Secretary, Latin America & the Caribbean,
Julia Jelassi
Logistical Coordinator, Julia Jelassi
Kathleen Masters
Executive Secretary, Church & Community Workers,
Laura Crispin
Bi-Lingual Program Assistant, lcrispin@umcmission
LeKisha Reed
Executive Secretary, Networks & Constituencies,
Lidia Caro
Program Assistant IB, Young Adult Mission Services,
Lily Charles
Program Assistant,,
Malcolm Frazier
Executive Secretary, Mission Volunteers,
Malika Merine
Bilingual Program Assistant,
Mande Muyombo
Assistant General Secretary, Africa
Myungim Kim
Executive Secretary Asia/Pacific
Nora Colmenares
Assistant General Secretary, Congregational Development, Networks & Constituencies, Racial Ethnic Ministries,
Patrick Friday
Director of In Mission Together,
Rebecca Asedillo
Executive Secretary, Asia/Pacific,
Richard Pusateri
Executive Secretary, Itineration & Missionary Support
Ron Whitlatch
Missionary Support Coach
Sandra Persaud
Program Associate,
Sonia Brum
Executive Secretary, Racial Ethnic Ministries,
Soyoung Cho
Program Assistant, Church & Community, Workers & Training,
Tisha Turnbull
Administrative Secretary, Selections & Itineration,
Tsiry Rakoto
Program Associate - Europe Office & Mission Initiatives,
√úllas Tankler
Executive Secretary, Europe, Middle East, & North America,
Una Jones
Assistant General Secretary, Mission Volunteers,
Wai Au Yu
Bilingual Program Assistant, Asia/Pacific,