Global Ministries

The United Methodist Church

Connecting the Church in Mission

Mission Theology and Evaluation

The Mission Theology and Evaluation unit provides strategic, long-term vision and leadership for the mission of the agency. The unit oversees the development and implementation of a system of performance management for the whole agency, provides mission theology expertise to/for the Board projects, develops and creates programs geared to the mission education of United Methodist and other constituents, and coordinates the process of leadership development for mission through our scholarship programs.

The Mission Theology and Evaluation Unit is responsible for the supervision and relationships with the General Conference-mandated plans assigned to the General Board of Global Ministries: the Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence (SPSARV), the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry (NPHLM), the Korean Ministry Plan (KMP), the Asian American Language Ministry (AALM), and the Plan for Pacific Islander Ministry (PPIM).

Rev. Jorge Domingues
Mission Theology & Evaluation, Deputy General Secretary - Strategic Engagement, 212-870-3873,
Amina Hanine
Bilingual Program Assistant,
Christian Van
Executive Secretary, Asia American Language Ministry and Pacific Islanders Ministry Plan,
Christie Biaggi
Administrative Secretary IIB,
Debra Tyree
Executive Secretary, Global Praise
Donald Reasoner
Director, Interpretation Services,
Francisco CaƱas
Director of National Plan For Hispanic/ Latino Ministries,
Hak-Soon Chang
Director of Korean Ministries Plan,
Jorge Lockward
Director of Global Praise,
Lisa Katzenstein
Executive Secretary, Leadership Development,
Marta Figueroa
Program Associate,
Rhina Herrera
Program Associate (SPSARV),
Suah Park
Program Assistant,