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Appalachia Service Project, Inc. (ASP)

Appalachia Service Project, Inc. (ASP)

Advance #982050

#982050 - Inspiring hope and service through volunteer home repair in Central Appalachia

Annual Goal:$131,000.00
YTD Gifts:$19,972.46
Location: United States North America
Partner:The UMC, Holston Annual conference


In 1969, Rev. Glenn "Tex" Evans, a United Methodist minister, became one of the first people to connect the energy of youth with the deep needs of the poor. In his 13 years as Director at Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky, Tex witnessed a great need for home repair assistance. So as part of his already-thriving outreach to the people of Appalachia, he recruited 50 teens and adult volunteers to repair homes in Barbourville, Kentucky. They worked on-site during the day and worshipped in the evenings. By summer's end, four families had safe, warm homes for the winter, fifty young lives had been changed forever -- and a legacy was born. Tex's legacy has continued to grow. ASP now works in 26 locations each summer plus 4 additional locations year-round, repairing about 550 homes each year. Since 1969, more than 300,000 ASP volunteers have repaired 14,000 families homes. Not only has the incredible natural beauty of the region, but also the depths of poverty characterized Central Appalachia. Poverty rates are more than double the national average. One in four lives below the poverty level. Sixty-two thousand five hundred homes are substandard. And nearly half of families have annual household incomes below $20,000. ASP can only serve 1 in 5 families that come to us for assistance.

Goals & Objectives

ASP has adopted a strategic plan to guide our work 2012-2016. Strategic objectives and goals to be achieved by 2016 are: Objective #1: Volunteer Ministry Future ministry growth is dependent on an increasing number of volunteers. GOAL: Increase volunteer numbers by 10,000 to 26,000. Objective #2: Philanthropy Ministry Future financial sustainability is tied to giving. GOAL: Increase net philanthropy dollars by $1,000,000 to $1,500,000. Objective #3: Ministry of Stewardship Future operational and ministry health is dependent on efficient and effective deployment of resources. GOAL: Increase efficiency as measured by a stewardship efficiency calculation by 60%. Objective #4: Home Repair Ministry Continuing to improve the quality of home repair and the number of projects completed are essential for future mission accomplishment. GOAL: Increase the number of qualified repairs annually to 1000 homes. Objective #5: Relational Ministry Deepening relationships with all stakeholders is instrumental to future mission success. GOAL: A marked improvement in relationships with all stakeholders as measured by a composite index of satisfaction measures.

Activities Plan

ASP has outlined 65 action plans necessary to reach our stated goals/objectives. Each action plan is further broken down into action steps. Those action plans include the following: -Adopting a holistic, systematic approach to volunteer management and re-evaluating approach to increasing volunteers and volunteer management. -Implementing on-line registration process for volunteers. -Establishing an internal culture where everyone is a recruiter and feeds into lead qualifying and tracking. -Revisiting recruitment in previously worked areas to build on the momentum established in recruiting ambassadors and volunteers. -Expanding the recruiting effort to additional geographic markets. -Increasing focus on recruiting churches within the Baptist denomination to capitalize on CEO's connections. -Establishing relationships with national and regional denominational leaders who would provide ASP as a resource to churches with their regions, or who organize denominational mission trips. -Looking into niche market differing age groups (senior adults, college). -Improving volunteer satisfaction with spiritual programming. -Researching volunteer touch-points and improving for retention. -Creating a holistic systematic approach to volunteer management. -Reactivating lapsed volunteer groups. -Improving retention rate for first year groups. -Improving Tri-Cities program volunteer satisfaction. -Improving Adult program volunteer satisfaction. -Improving youth program volunteer satisfaction. -Generating more major gifts. -Generating more estate planning gifts. -Generating more grant awards. -Recruiting new donors. -Reactivating lapsed donors. -Developing a plan for converting more volunteers, board members and staff into donors. -Evaluating costs associated with outside vendors in philanthropy. -Evaluating approaches in philanthropy for cost/benefits.

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Walter Crouch
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