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Disaster Response, United States

Disaster Response, United States

Advance #901670

#901670 - Supporting UMCOR's response to disasters

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Location: United States North America


United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) responds to natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, major storms and tornadoes, as well as disasters of human origin, such as explosions, shootings, and bombings. Through local United Methodist churches and trained disaster response workers, UMCOR provides immediate relief, assistance with cleanup and rebuilding, and support for children and youth who have been through trauma. Short-term relief takes the form of shipment and distribution of material goods (water purification tablets, blankets, tents, food, medical supplies and clothing) wherever and whenever needed, within the shortest time possible after the disaster. UMCOR also aids with transportation, and istening wherever it is sought. UMCOR works in cooperation with other voluntary agencies in response to human need in the disaster situation. After a disaster, UMCOR enlists volunteers through Global Ministries' Volunteers in Mission program to help clean up disaster-affected areas. After the emergency period, UMCOR s long-term recovery and reconstruction involves securing materials and training people on Disaster Risk Reduction. UMCOR s Disaster Risk Reduction program helps communities to identify vulnerabilities and attend to these before another disaster strikes in order to reduce the damaging effects of future disasters.

Goals & Objectives

When responding to a disaster in the United States, UMCOR provides the following four things: 1. Training. UMCOR trains teams of volunteers. 2. Financial Assistance. If the bishop of the affected conference contacts UMCOR, an emergency grant may be sent. 3. Expertise. UMCOR's disaster-response experience and knowledge are made available to those in need. 4. Networking. Getting connected with NGOs, volunteers, experts, local government, and other organizations can help communities recover from disaster.

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Gregory A. Forrester
(212) 870-3563

Global Ministries Contact

Gregory A. Forrester
(212) 870-3563