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United Methodist Volunteers In Mission - North Central Jurisdiction

United Methodist Volunteers In Mission - North Central Jurisdiction

Advance #901375

#901375 - Coordinating and training Volunteers in Mission for short term mission service

Annual Goal:$15,000.00
YTD Gifts:$8,957.23
Location: Global Global
Partner:General Board of Global Ministries


The first volunteers, the precursors to the current United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM), literally forged ahead on their own without guidelines or established projects. We are indebted to them as they started the chain of events that became UMVIM. These early volunteer pioneers are the ones who saw a need for missional guidelines and helped establish the Jurisdictional UMVIM offices. Through the years, this office and the other Jurisdictional offices have helped direct this ongoing and dynamic process by: a. Establishing the best practices of being a representative of Jesus Christ and the United Methodist Church on a mission team or as an individual. b. Resourcing Conference UMVIM Coordinators to help guide conference teams and individuals. c. Establishing, vetting, and resourcing project sites throughout the world at the invitation of the United Methodist presence in that place. d. Resourcing United Methodists in the Jurisdiction as each week brings new persons seeking answers to questions about the program for the very first time.

Goals & Objectives

a. Promote yearly training in all aspects of UMVIM (teams and individuals). b. Serve as a Disaster Response link to UMCOR for disasters in the NCJ. c. Organize or resource teams through Rx ConneXion (medical), Mission Discovery (youth and young adult), teachUM (educational) on a yearly basis. d. Offer annual UMVIM Leadership training, develop training materials, and train conference trainers. e. Promote the Individual Volunteer, Primetimer, Global Justice Volunteers, Mission Volunteers, and US 2's programs for GBGM as they are announced. f. Promote Unbuntu teams for UMW on an annual basis. g. Link persons and teams to projects and programs - national and worldwide, occurs weekly. h. Convene informational and training events [Disaster Response Academies (every 18 mos.), RxConneXion Consultation (each year), Mission Discovery events (each year), and a quadrennial RoundUP]. i. Publish up-to-the minute e-newsletters 2-3 times a month. j. Create/distribute promotional brochures, pamphlets, slide presentations, videos, which are updated yearly. k. Act as the liaison to GBGM office of Mission Volunteers for conference UMVIM coordinators. l. Offer Background Check service for those in leadership positions as needed to help volunteers stay within conference guidelines. m. Offer Medical Insurance for international UMVIM trips, as needed, and occurs weekly.

Activities Plan

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Budget and Financial Information


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Project Contact

Lorna Jost
(605) 692-3390

Global Ministries Contact

Una R. Jones
(212) 870-3767