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Red Bird Mission

Red Bird Mission

Advance #773726

#773726 - Providing spiritual, educational, health and outreach ministries for people in remote Appalachia

Annual Goal:$458,080.00
YTD Gifts:$215,924.40
Location: United States North America
Partner:The UMC, Red Bird Missionary Annual Conference


Red Bird Mission sits in an isolated area of three counties, traditionally under-served by state and local government agencies. Its first mission efforts, in 1921, provided a school, but the mission has become a broad-spectrum agency, serving in five areas of ministry (education, community outreach, economic opportunities, medical services, and assistance with upgrading below standard housing in the Red Bird River valley area). The recent major accomplishments would include the following: 1) 13 to 23 well-educated young people graduating from high school each spring. 2) assistance for over 1600 families in crisis or in continuing poverty, including clothing and furniture vouchers, food pantry assistance, and support for the mothers of infants and toddlers. 3) 350 home repair projects in the community. 4) Over 100 families assisted through the purchase of their crafts and marketed by the craft program. 5) Providing 40 home bound clients with noon meals and senior citizen support through the DeWall Senior Center. Financial assistance through the Advance will supplement direct gifts to the Mission, helping to continue its services to those in need in the Red Bird area.

Goals & Objectives

The general goal of Red Bird Mission is to help improve the lives of those who live in our area, through compassionate, Christ-centered service. The staff and volunteers who serve at Red Bird Mission seek to empower individuals and advocate for justice through this service. 1) Enhance and strengthen academic and Christian education curriculum of Red Bird Mission School and increase the number of students through re-opening of the high school dorm program and bus routes that were closed during the financial crisis of 2010. 2) Improve the health of people through extension of lay health programs for women, children, and the elderly. 3) Continue support for the expansion of family food production. 4) Advocate and assist with adult education, job training, job development, and skills development to improve family earning capacity. 5) Continue home improvement ministry until unsafe and unhealthy housing no longer exists.

Activities Plan

Measuring the effectiveness of our ministry will be done by venturing to serve more families, educating more students, repairing more homes, that is, counting successes'. Success must also be noted in ways that life is enhanced by the mission s presence living by example, for instance by picking up road-side trash, making it to school on time each day and receiving a high school diploma, encouraging more young people to attend further education or job training, assisting as a crew from somewhere else, works on a wheelchair ramp for a family member. 1) Seek accreditation by Christian schools association, recruit volunteer teachers, and seek additional funding for bus routes and dorm sponsorship. 2) Reach families not being reached in the area by training other lay workers. 3) Involve more families in Red Bird Farmers Project and Grow Appalachia. 4) Provide incentives for increased participation in adult education and wider use of job training and development resources available. 5) Recruit volunteer teams to perform major remodeling jobs, possibly new home builds.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support
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Facility Maintenance
Vehicle Maintenance
Volunteer Housing
Community Aid
Senior Center
Home Care
Family Ministries
Early Childhood Development
Community Store
Craft Store
Work Camp

Project Contact

Tim Crawford
(606) 598-3155

Global Ministries Contact

Jorge Domingues
(212) 870-3873