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Henderson Settlement

Henderson Settlement

Advance #773365

#773365 - Sharing God's love in Appalachia while providing food, clothing, housing, education and jobs

Annual Goal:$200,000.00
YTD Gifts:$83,003.20
Location: United States North America
Partner:The UMC, Red Bird Missionary Annual Conference


In February 1925, Reverend Hiram Frakes observed a murder hearing in the county courtroom presided over by one of the members of his church. The judge was faced with yet another case from a notorious section of the county the Laurel Fork Valley aided by its own kind of law of fear and violence. When witnesses refused once more to place blame for certain killings, the judge could take no more. In frustration, he told the residents to go back and kill yourselves off. Moved by this incident, the Pineville Methodist pastor decided to shift his ministry toward these valley people. There were elementary schools of variable quality around, but the nearest high school was 30 miles away. With no land or money, Rev. Frakes made the trek and shared his dream to provide a school for all children with whoever would listen. Incredibly, the people with a proud tradition of land ownership affirmed that dream. Uncle Scott Partin gave 16 acres, Bill Henderson donated all 68 acres of his land, and several others contributed portions of their holdings.

Goals & Objectives

(a) To share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the community we serve. (b) To build one home a year in the community. (c) To repair 175 community homes each year. (d) To provide spiritual, educational, and social opportunities for families in the community. (e) Provide budgeting and Life Skills classes to help community folks become more knowledgeable and self-sufficient,

Activities Plan

(a) Through our Christian Ed Coordinator, we will make sure that our ministries and programs are Christ based and led accordingly by the staff. (b) Continue to share the need for safe and adequate housing with all the work teams that visit us, (c) Make sure we evaluate all projects requested by community folks so they can be placed on the website for adoption by work teams that are coming. (d) We will continue to offer opportunities for families through our ministries and programs. (e) We will offer classes for our clients by using staff, volunteers, and trained personnel from local agencies.

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Project Contact

Mike Feely
(606) 337-2225

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