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Haiti Solar Oven Project

Haiti Solar Oven Project

Advance #418812

#418812 - Empowering people to use solar energy to meet their cooking needs

Annual Goal:$65,000.00
YTD Gifts:$18,179.49
Partner:The Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, Haiti District Conference


From January of 2000 through August 2013, HSOP has shipped more than 8,500 solar ovens for distribution primarily to families across the populated cities and rural areas of Haiti's Southern Peninsula. Our solar ovens are complete and each kit includes: the oven and auxiliary reflector, 3 roasters, a bread ban, a WAPI (water/milk pasteurization instrument), oven thermometer, cookbook, and even measuring cups and spoons! One solar oven meal can feed a family of 8-12 members and/or extended family members. Each oven costs US$125 to produce and ship to Haiti for assembly by HSOP indigenous, paid staff and/or UMVIM teams working with Haitian partners. But to receive their solar oven kit, a small training fee of US $15 and a commitment to attend a 2-day seminar builds ownership and dedication on the part of each oven recipient. The seminars educate users about the environmental hazards of cutting trees for the production of charcoal and help them see the healthier alternative in using smoke-free solar ovens, as well as providing hands-on training in the assembly, use, and cooking of various meals for their families. Our solar ovens distributed today have seen design improvements over the years that maximize the sun's capacity to cook food, pasteurize water, and reliably provide a free sustainable cooking fuel source. Dedicated volunteers assist in the production of thousands of high-quality solar ovens in 3 privately owned, but freely shared workshops within the Dakotas Conference. The oven components are manufactured, packaged, and boxed for loading into a 40-ft. sea container, bound for Haiti. Each sea container holds 1,150 ovens. All labor for every aspect of oven manufacturing and shipping is donated.

Goals & Objectives

The project has been very successful and is overwhelmingly embraced by the local Haitian people. And the need is so great that HSOP has long desired to grow the program and double the production and distribution of ovens. Through the tireless efforts of our many volunteers, HSOP has shipped an average of 1,000 ovens per year for the past 5 years. With careful planning, a goal has been set to manufacture and ship 2,300 ovens to the impoverished and underserved families of Haiti in 2014.

Activities Plan

HSOP will continue educational and promotional presentations in churches and through church mission programming, as well as sharing information in secular settings and public classrooms. Raising consciousness about the project and presenting the opportunity to participate both financially and through volunteer service will continue as our major strategy, alongside a more intentional grant writing emphasis. To accomplish financial goals, HSOP has hired a part-time professional grant writer to investigate and attract interest from private foundations and charities. HSOP's Board of Directors has recognized that doubling the number of ovens will also require the addition of a second full-time staff person. Fundraising and preparation for this position are underway with the goal of securing an Associate Director by the summer of 2014. The Dakotas Annual Conference employs the Project Director as a Conference Missionary through apportionments.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Partner Network Fundraising


2,300 solar ovens (placed w/training)

Project Contact

Rick Jost

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Thodleen P. Dessources
(212) 870-3521