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Grace Children's Hospital and Pediatric Clinic

Grace Children's Hospital and Pediatric Clinic

Advance #418520

#418520 - Caring for children and families suffering from TB, HIV/AIDS, chronic illness and earthquake relief

Annual Goal:$500,000.00
YTD Gifts:$94,993.50
Location:Port-au-Prince Haiti Latin America and Caribbean


In the early 1960s, when International Child Care's founders Jim and Virginia Snavley first visited Haiti, they witnessed the shocking sight of children dying in the streets from tuberculosis, malnutrition, and other illnesses that were practically unheard of in the US. They felt God's call to come to Haiti and open a small clinic and this is where Grace Children's Hospital began. As the poorest country in the western hemisphere, approximately 80% of Haitians live on less than $1 per day. Grace Children's Hospital has always sought to serve every individual who came through its doors, regardless of their background, beliefs, or circumstance. The Delmas neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, where the hospital is located, is an area of great need for healthcare services. Over the past 40 years, millions of people have received care from the in-patient, out-patient, and community health services offered by Grace Children's Hospital. The in-patient ward was the original focus of the mission hospital, getting its start in 1967 with just a handful of beds and a small local staff. The capacity and support began to grow thanks to the help of churches, individuals, and the General Board of Global Ministries. International Child Care then turned its attention to addressing not only those who were already sick, but the root causes that led to sickness within the surrounding community. This was the impetus for the development of pediatric and adult outpatient tuberculosis clinics, as well as a vaccination campaign in which ICC was responsible for reaching more than half the population of Haiti. In a place like Haiti, where political and economic insecurity are a daily fact of life, Grace Children's Hospital has not only survived, but continually expanded its reach into the community. Improvements like HIV/AIDS treatment services, hygiene programs and an eye clinic would not have been possible without ICC's commitment to empowerment and the support of many caring and dedicated donors. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, Grace Children's Hospital became a central food and water distribution location, in addition to maintaining normal programming for inpatients and outpatients. About 80% of the hospital was demolished, therefore a capital campaign will launch in 2012 to repair and rebuild the hospital campus.

Goals & Objectives

Goals: 1. To provide hospital and out-patient care for children and families with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and respiratory infections. 2. Provide clinical healthcare for patients discharged from Grace Children's Hospital and their families. Objectives: 1. Continue to provide healthcare for children with tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, respiratory infections, etc. 2. Provide service for children upon discharge from the hospital to assure healthcare continues. 3. Continue the current level and expend patient education for community health. 4. Continue the full services of Grace Children's Hospital in Lower Delmas, including x-ray, medication and lab availability for health promoters. 5. Expand the number of children and families served in the out-patient clinic. 6. Follow up with tuberculosis patients twice per month for six months. 7. Follow up with HIV/AIDS patients at least once per month or as needed. 8. Follow up with patients who have respiratory infections at least once per month, or more frequently in case of re-infection. 9. Work towards re-establishing a permanent hospital structure.

Activities Plan

1. Admit children to the in-patient ward if needed. 2. Treat the children not admitted to the ward on an out-patient basis. 3. Follow up with patients to assure that they have reached health goals established by the Grace Children's Hospital physicians. 4. Reach out to the community (schools, churches, other organizations) to offer health education programs. 5. Evaluate the percentage of increase in out-sourcing of x-rays, lab services and medication offered to the community. 6. As funds are available, increase the number of children seen per month in the out-patient clinics. 7. All patients will be given follow-up instructions upon their discharge with details about when to return. 8. On average, tuberculosis patients will be seen twice a month for six months. 9. HIV/AIDS patients will be seen once a month or as needed. 10. Respiratory patients will be seen on an as-needed basis in case of re-infection. 11. As funds are available, rebuild and repair Grace Children's Hospital to meet the needs of post-earthquake Haiti.

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