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Anti-Human Trafficking

Anti-Human Trafficking

Advance #333615

#333615 - Working with those ensnared in trafficking of humans for commercial and sexual exploitation

Annual Goal:$100,000.00
YTD Gifts:$40,117.10
Location: Global Global
Partner:General Board of Global Ministries


Human trafficking is considered to be modern-day slavery, forcing individuals, often women and children, to work in harsh and abusive conditions with little or no pay. UMCOR works with communities across the globe to provide assistance to survivors of trafficking through provision of shelter, medical services, psycological support, legal counseling, and specialized skills training which helps victims gain employment. UMCOR has also worked to promote awareness-raising campaigns, informational materials, seminars, radio and TV programs and a toll-free hotline developed to increase advocacy, rights-based dialogue and policy discussions.

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Project Contact

John (Jack) Amick
(212) 870-3874

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John H. Amick
(212) 870-3874