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Amity Foster Care for Special Needs Orphans and Community-Based Education Project

Amity Foster Care for Special Needs Orphans and Community-Based Education Project

Advance #3021595

#3021595 - Working with orphanages in China to place disabled orphans in loving foster homes

Annual Goal:$40,172.00
YTD Gifts:$1,550.00


The abandoned children are mostly living in the state-run social welfare institutions. Many of them are with disabilities. The Amity has been cooperating with social welfare institutions (SWI) for helping the children through foster care project. Amity believes that children best develop physically and mentally within a loving and supportive family environment. Therefore we enourage and support the SWI to put children into foster care. The foster children in special needs lack of the special education due to local community has not the special education school to provide them to attend. The foster families have not enough knowledge to take care of the children in special need. Especially the children in cerebal palsy, development delayed and congenital disease.

Goals & Objectives

1) To provide funding to orphanages to place children in foster care. To provide the service of professionals who can monitor foster family situations and administer necessary medical exams/injections to children. 2) To provide assistance/education on rehabilitation techniques, psychological and special education training, and child care methods to families. 3) To establish a foster family care and community education resource center that can offer individual and group training for families as well as host a special education teacher who can dispense advice to community members and families as well as the orphans.

Activities Plan

1) Access the children and families, put children into foster care. 2) Establish the project management team to provide the visit to the foster family, keep the case records and service. 2) Provide training courses to foster families on care of special need children, rehabilitation, project regulation. 3) Establish a community-based education and rehabilitation center to provide special education class, library, activity center and medical service to the children.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support


Annual Subsidies for the families for 50 foster children
School Supplies/Extra-Curricular Books and Materials for Orphans
Training Transportation/Meal Stipend for Families
Training Specialist Fee
Special Education Teacher Transportation and Meal stipend
Administrative Fee

Project Contact

Ms. An An Wu

Global Ministries Contact

Rebecca C. Asedillo
(212) 870-3694