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Women Leadership Training Center (WLTC) Bambur

Women Leadership Training Center (WLTC) Bambur

Advance #3021584

#3021584 - Improving the lives of women through training in sewing, knitting, child care and other skills

Annual Goal:$9,000.00
Location: Nigeria Africa
Partner:The UMC, Nigeria Annual Conference


a.) Due to dropping out, many girls marry early, which often leads to hardship. b.) Due to unwanted pregnancy, girls were not able to complete secondary schools. c.) Due to illiteracy, women do not know how to care and protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. d.) Due to the lack of a training center for women, most women don't have the skills to assist in operating their households.

Goals & Objectives

1.) To admit young and married women into the center for training. 2.) To eradicate illiteracy among women. 3.) To help women develop skills that will help them in their homes and in society.

Activities Plan

1. Teaching and training the women that were admitted. 2. Organize workshops and seminars. 3. Organize classes covering various skills. 4. Annually admit women into the center. 5. Create awareness throughout the churches in the catchment area.

Budget and Financial Information


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Project Contact

Onema Lomoto Ombaku

Global Ministries Contact

Yollande S. Yambo