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Isabella Thoburn College Residence Facility

Isabella Thoburn College Residence Facility

Advance #3021581

#3021581 - Building classrooms and a residence facility, and establishing progressive academic programs

Annual Goal:$454,313.00
Partner:The Methodist Church in India, Lucknow & Bengal Regional Conferences


Isabella Thoburn College, the first Christian women's college in Asia, started in 1870 by the Women Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Church. The school started as a thatched room but then in 1886 evolved into a college. The purpose of the college is to provide higher education to Christian women primarily, and to extend the facilities and opportunities to young women of other faiths from other communities for the purpose of educating and training them to have the character to lead.
The college has been a participative witness to transformational changes, which history and times have etched in the lives of Indian women in their journey from seclusion to emancipation, transcending boundaries from home to school to higher quality higher education, tackling the barriers of childhood marriages, widowhood, and the women quarter. In our journey from school to leading women's college, the women's division and UMW supported and sustained us by providing leadership and financial support. This is a journey of faith by American Methodist women and women of India, transcending barriers of time, space, and cultures.

Today we proudly invite women to transform their lives in a Christian environment through
a) Quality higher education to women students from backward areas that don't have access to higher education.
b) Opening educational possibilities for 1st generation education.
c) Offering women who cannot study in co-education an opportunity to study in a women's college.
d) Enhancing opportunities for Christian women to acquire higher education with modern facilities and improving their job opportunities in today's competitive India, thereby giving them an edge, through mentoring, translating Christian character, changing perceptions and enhancing expectations from their lives.
Since the time of inception, the college remains a haven for the Christian women a means for upward social mobility.
The funds raised for the project will enable the college to construct
a) A new residence hall/hostel.
b) Classrooms for post graduate programs.
The Advance grants will maximize our efforts. Support received from ?Advance Asking' will enable us to complete the project faster and enable us to enhance quality of education offered.
Classrooms and a residential facility are urgently needed. Without these, we can't initiate additional progressive academic programs such as Public Policy, Bioinformatics, and Mathematical modeling. These programs are pending due to lack of infrastructural growth.

Our attempt is to relate to the contemporary concerns within its calendar. Address environmental issues, gender issues, and HIV/AIDS issues, and lack of nutrition, through a strong program of service learning/education for social transformation. Service Learning unites the academic and voluntary communities for service.
a) To engage higher education in community-related issues.
b) To address and meet social needs.
c) To help students identify and understand cultural differences.
d) To enhance critical thinking.
e) To inculcate leadership.
f) To enliven academic disciplines.
g) To develop skills.
It is our mission to build financially stable Christian families, transforming new generations.

Goals & Objectives

(a) Construction of Residence Hall
? The building plans have been approved by the government.
? The estimates provided by the architect.
? The cornerstone has been laid by Ms. Harriett Olson on 1st Nov., 2011 during 125 year Celebrations.
? The construction will commence with effect from April 2012.
? The construction should finish by 2014.

(b) Construction of Post-Graduate Block
? The building plans are ready.
? The estimates have been provided.

(c) Postgraduate Block
? The building plans are ready.
? The foundation stone has been unveiled by Ms. Harriet Olson (General Secretary, Women's Division).
? The construction will commence by May 2012.
? The construction of this building will enable us to initiate more programs of study, building more opportunity for the community.

Activities Plan

To be able to achieve our goals, we have a plan to cover the work areas

I. Fund Raising
In order to achieve our goal/objectives we will do the following:
? Raise money from the students and faculty through Programs.
? Apply for support from other grant giving organizations.
? Invite Alumnae and Friends support.

II. Developing strategies methodology for
? Work Management
? Assessment and Supervision

For successful management and supervision of goals, a committee has been formed and is responsible for overseeing the construction of both the building, and for the decision-making
(a) The construction at Residence Hall will be place deadlines for Residence Hall are Construction commencement ? May 2012.

Basic infrastructure stage I ? Dec, 2012

Basic infrastructure stage II ? Dec, 2013

Final infrastructure stage III ? Dec, 2014

Assessment and final payoff ? 2015
Audit ? - March 2016

III. Office
? Record Maintenance.
? Financial Supervision.

The construction will commence irrespective of Advance Grants and continue at the pace at which the college can raise funds from students, faculty programs and friends and donors.
Some of our projects plans are
(a) Organizing fete.
(b) Student sales.
(c) Donations.
(d) Hosting cultural programs.
(e) Selling souvenirs.
(f) By inviting donors to donate and naming the part of the building on them.
(g) Seeking government aid as much as possible.
(h) Organizing other programs with Alumnae and friends.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support
Annual Advance Financial Goal for 2nd Year
Annual Advance Financial Goal for 3rd Year


Total Expenditure for constructing Women'sResidence Hall and P.G. Block

Project Contact

Dr. Elizabeth Sunita Charles
+91 941 500 3328

Global Ministries Contact

Rebecca C. Asedillo
(212) 870-3694