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Wadi Foquin Community Development Project

Wadi Foquin Community Development Project

Advance #3021565

#3021565 - Providing community development projects for residents of Palestinian villages in the West Bank

Annual Goal:$50,000.00
YTD Gifts:$6,139.03


The Palestinian village of Wadi Foquin is located near Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. The valley (wadi) is squeezed between the Green Line/border with Israel on one side and the illegal Jewish settlement of Bitar Illit on the other. There is only one road in or out of the village which can be closed by Israeli soldiers (or militant settlers) at any time, cutting off the villagers' access to Bethlehem, the main market for their produce. Alternatives for income generation for the residents is essential. Training in new areas is needed that will assist people in finding new avenues for employment other than agricultural.

Goals & Objectives

a) To provide training for women for three years in basic business management and assist them in establishing income-generating projects to help support their families b) To provide training for young adults, especially males, that will enable them to find employment and/or have an income to support their families.(On going) b) To provide salary support for three years for program coordinators c) To provide funding for three years for renovations and rental/purchase of abandoned building for establishment of Community Center in which to have programming.

Activities Plan

a) Assist women in training and developing of a shop where they can sell their needlework, spices and baked goods to locals and internationals. b) Provide instruction in learning Hebrew to enable young men to find employment with Israeli companies. c) Hire local professionals to train women in basic first aid since there is no clinic in the village. d) Continue to encourage VIM teams to help in repair of Community Center so that programs can be held.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support
CDP Donation
Sale of Women's Crafts


Youth Training and Programs
Rent and Utilities
Repair and Maintenance
Women's Training and Programs
Purchase/Upkeep of Bee hives
Staff Salaries
Promotional Materials
Summer Camp for Youth
Soccer Field Construction

Missionary Serving this Project

Janet Lahr Lewis

Project Contact

Ata Manasra
00972 (0) 546918644

Global Ministries Contact

David L. Wildman
(212) 870-3735