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Wembo Nyama Industrial Department

Wembo Nyama Industrial Department

Advance #3021395

#3021395 - Providing construction materials and a workshop for building

Annual Goal:$75,000.00
Location: Congo, (Democratic Republic) Africa
Partner:The UMC,Central Congo Annual Conference


Wembo Nyama is where the United Methodist Church first took root in the Central Congo when Bishop Lambuth met Chief Wembo Nyama. A mission station was established there and has been there ever since. Due to the civil war in the D. R. Congo from 1998-2003, the station was plundered and has fallen into a bad state of repair. The Industrial Center is essential in rebuilding the hospital, the nursing school, the maternity center, Patrice Lumumba University and the new school of agriculture.
The need is great. Patrice Lumumba University includes a United Methodist Divinity School and law school. The hospital is currently operating without running water or electricity. The Industrial center is essential in repairing this mission station.
Because the mission station is in the Central Congo, its location provides a safe refuge for women who were raped and tourtured from the civil unrest around Goma. Refugees travel a distance of over 300 miles from Goma to Wembo Nyama.

Goals & Objectives

We need to have the generator and sawmill in operation by the summer of 2012.
We need to have the woodshop and mechanics' area in operation by the summer of 2013.

Activities Plan

We are looking to send a Volunteer In Mission to the Wembo Nyama for 6-12 months to oversee and do much of the work. The funds collected will cover the cost of housing the volunteer as well as any travel needed. As the person is a volunteer no salary will be required.
We also need to inquire about procuring heavy equipment to ship to the Congo or purchase in the Congo. As of this application, there is a duty free import on all heavy equipment in the Congo to help rebuild the nation. This avenue is being investigated.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support


Travel to/from and within D.R Congo
Equipment repair
Building Materials
Furnishings for Schools
Electrical Generation Equipment
Room and Board

Project Contact

Mr. David Miner
704 477 2597

Global Ministries Contact

Muyombo Mande
(212) 870-3703