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Africa University Scholarships

Africa University Scholarships

Advance #3021028

#3021028 - Providing financial means to those who do not have the resources to attend the university

Annual Goal:$95,000.00
YTD Gifts:$50,411.44
Location: Zimbabwe Africa
Partner:The UMC, Zimbabwe Annual Conference


Africa University came into existence in 1992. The first students were provided with full scholarships. However, as the university expanded from its initial intake of 34 students, the university didn't have sufficient funds to provide all students with full financial assistance. There are many young people from all over the continent capable of succeeding at AU if they are provided with the means. Already, AU graduates have started to make a mark in Africa, with over 2000 graduates filling needed roles in over 28 African countries. The UMC has numerous congregations in rural and urban poor areas. These congregations have many young people who are very capable of succeeding at the university level, but who come from disadvantaged backgrounds that do not allow them to raise the necessary funds for a quality university education. AU Scholarships would provide such students an avenue to escape from their poverty. In addition, many of these students will become leaders in their churches and communities. Thus, contributions to the scholarship fund will promote poverty alleviation in the continent as a whole and at the same time foster leadership development.

Goals & Objectives

To provide, every year, at least twenty-five to thirty students with financial assistance that will help them stay enrolled in Africa University.

Activities Plan

1. The Financial Aid officer at AU will be contacted to identify students in need of financial assistance. 2. The students to be helped will be selected and notified of their selection. 3. In line with the Financial Aid policy at AU, students will be required to perform work-study as a gesture of appreciation for their scholarship. At present, students work four hours per week in office tasks, or two hours per week in outdoor tasks. Outcomes/Outputs and Impacts 1. Young people who would otherwise not have a chance to obtain a quality university education will become college graduates. 2. These young people will then become productive members of their society, and help in the development of their country. Indicators twenty-five to thirty students will remain enrolled in Africa University because of their scholarships.

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Scholarships for AU Students

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Lawrence J. Kies
Margaret Jane Kies

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Larry Kies

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Alfiado L. Zunguza
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