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Church Construction in Trabeka City and Kasaji Lukoshi

Church Construction in Trabeka City and Kasaji Lukoshi

Advance #3020652

#3020652 - Providing a new building with more seating to increase church growth

Annual Goal:$49,392.00
Location: Congo, (Democratic Republic) Africa
Partner:The UMC, Southern Congo Annual Conference


Trabeka is a city located within Likasi town, approximately 120 kilometers from Lubumbashi, the capital city of Katanga province. People living in Trabeka are generally poor. Most of them are elderly and unemployed. They rely on small informal activities, such as selling potatoes, charcoal or pleasant farming for income. Many of these people are UMC members and the church is continually developing and growing. The current chapel was built with local funds. When it was built, there were a few church members. Today, this chapel is aging and cannot fit everyone, as the congregation continues to grow. Church members face many environmental challenges such as rain, wind, dust etc. and many are finding it difficult to attend Sunday service. Limited space means members having to stand outside during the entire service. Many are failing to concentrate and cope with the difficult situations they face. Sometimes they are discouraged and leave the church, which is a situation seriously affecting the spiritual life of the church. The construction of a larger building will help to overcome this problem and help our congregation to become stable. Bricks, cement, equipment, construction materials, furnishings, etc, are crucial needs at present.

Goals & Objectives

1. Construct a new building and improve the infrastructure of the current building. 2. To develop more church growth. 3. To provide more seating in the church. 4. To spread the word of God.

Activities Plan

Our main goal is to complete construction and have our official opening in December 2011. By the end of May we plan to acquire the appropriate funding and land documentation for the expansion. By June, we hope church members will begin brick work on the structure. All construction materials should be purchased by August, with construction activities to commence in September. Upon completion of the project, the director of projects and the development office South Congo Diocese will conduct follow-up, evaluation and audits.

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Project Contact

Muteba Mwongenu Pasa
(+243) 997028124

Global Ministries Contact

Muyombo Mande
(212) 870-3703