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Camping Ministry

Advance #3020651

#3020651 - Using Christian camps to transform lives

Annual Goal:$20,000.00
Partner:Evangelical Methodist Church of Panama


The Evangelical Methodist Church of Panama has organized and conducted camps in various sites for more than half a century. These camps were first organized by North American missionaries and later by Panamanians. In both cases, they were summer camps. As to the sites, when designed either the critical factors of success or the demands of a Camping Ministry were not taken into account.

Upon acquiring the land for the development of a camp in El Espino of San Carlos, God has presented us with a new vision of a Camping Ministry and the development of a camp with a philosophy. This new vision is presented in the ?Master Plan for the Development of Camp Cielito.? The Plan takes the lessons learned from experiences and applies the principles of the philosophy of Christian Camps.

Goals & Objectives

1.) Design a camp with a philosophy for the conversion, consecration, and spiritual development of children, youth, and adults.
2.) Provide a space for fellowship and for strengthening relationships with the Lord, with each other, with oneself, and with nature.
3.) Have facilities for training events.
4.) Offer a place for rest and recreation.
5.) Organize camps mainly for children and youth.
6.) Train leaders to work in the camping ministry.

Activities Plan

- Obtain the final permits needed in order to resume construction.
- Install power lines so that the sewage treatment system can begin operating and the five cabins already built may be put to use.
- Finalize plans for the dining hall and begin construction.
- Schedule UMVIM teams to assist in the construction.
- Organize camps for youth and children to be held at Camp Cielito in 2013.
Train camp counselors.

Budget and Financial Information


Local Financial Support
UMVIM Team Contributions
Annual Advance Financial Goal


Electrical Work, Water Tank, Construction of Kitchen and Dining Hall
Training for Camp Counselors
Caretaker Salary
Summer Camps for Children and Youth

Missionary Serving this Project

Rhett J. Thompson

Project Contact

Evangelical Methodist Church of Panama

Global Ministries Contact

Edgar Avitia
(212) 870-3828