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Basic Essentials for Africa University Students

Basic Essentials for Africa University Students

Advance #3020619

#3020619 - Assisting needy students enrolled at Africa University by providing for their basic needs

Annual Goal:$42,000.00
YTD Gifts:$3,743.43
Location: Zimbabwe Africa
Partner:The UMC, Zimbabwe Annual Conference


(a) Needy students had hardships in getting meals, toiletries, stationery, and other needs. (b) Needy students will have a source of funds to meet their physiological needs. It also will assist with the student's physical and emotional safety to pursue their education. (c) Many students were helped on campus. On average, there were 70 students who benefited from stationery, pens, etc. The students could not have obtained these supplies on their own. (d) Usually the same students who work during the first semester participate in the second semester as well.

Goals & Objectives

(a) To provide money for needy students every semester. (b) To provide physical and emotional support to needy students every semester.

Activities Plan

(a) Identify needy students who are registered. (b) Allocate students to work stations. (c) Supervise students on work study. (d) Compile work sheets for each student. (e) Disburse cash to the students upon completion of tasks.

Budget and Financial Information


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Project Contact

Dr. Mazvita Machinga

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Alfiado L. Zunguza
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