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Haitian Artisans for Peace International

Haitian Artisans for Peace International

Advance #3020490

#3020490 - Providing community development in economics, gender equality, health, creativity and spirituality

Annual Goal:$105,000.00
YTD Gifts:$16,071.23
Partner:The UMC, Detroit Annual Conference


Mizak is a rural mountain community in the South-East Department of Haiti of approximately 35,000 persons, 60% under the age of 18. The community is physically difficult to access and has limited infrastructure, industry, education and health resources. Women and girls are the most adversely affected. The entire community is drained of the valuable assets of young people who leave the community seeking educational and employment opportunities in over-populated urban areas or outside the country. Young women are far less likely to emigrate to pursue higher education because of heightened personal security issues in the urban population. Lingering attitudes of women's worth further hinder development of girls because of beliefs that sons will support the family but that daughters are a "burden." They are more likely to be pressured at an earlier age to become self-sufficient through a relationship or finding work, often within the informal economy at subsistence income. 44% of households in Haiti are headed by females, 60% who live in extreme poverty. UNICEF estimates that 1 in 93 Haitian women are susceptible to death from childbirth within their lifetime, as compared to 1 in 2,100 in the United States.

Goals & Objectives

2014 GOALS BY FOCUS AREA HEALTH 1) Expand maternal care with on-site delivery for up to 20 clients monthly 2) 24 - 36 mothers annually sponsored in Start Right' maternal care initiative (pre-postnatal) 3) 200 birth / layette kits 4) 100-200 home water filter systems installed 5) Family planning services offered: contraceptives & counseling 6) Basic lab established: testing STDs, malaria 7) Dental sealants and fluoride treatments available for children 8) Pharmaceutical support, including vaccinations 9) Internship program developed for nursing students to rotate at clinic ASSET-BASED COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT / Community collaboration 1) Development of an ecumenical pastoral committee 2) Ongoing collaboration with RCD Orphans & local nursing school 3) Mobile health clinics to UFAD (elderly women) 4) Develop an association of Haitian-owned businesses 5) International Day of Peace PROSPERITY: (economics) 1) Haiti artisan boutique: $5,000 in gross sales 2) Export: $7500 - $10,000 in gross sales (capacity is significantly greater; need volume!) 3) Increase HAPIKredi loan funds $5,000 4) Motorcycle purchased for HAPIKredi 5) 2 annual business seminars on micro business management 6) Minimum 150 international guests averaging 7 nights 7) Promote tour groups to come to Mizak for art / craft shopping INVESTMENT: People, Structures, and Systems. 1) Goat ( Pass the Gift ) project for 4H 2) Half-court basketball built in Peace Park 3) Community mobilization for planting trees 4) Technology / social media and photography training with Nouvel Etwal 5) Implement solar lamps distribution to improve health, safety and learning 6) Certified midwifery training for HAPI nurse 7) Product development & skilled training for artisans 8) Open classes for ESL & computer Jan 20 with 2 classes of 15 students each; 50% scholarship for 10 females 9) Identify university partner and requirements for distance learning options following student passing TOEFL 10) Exploration of local vocational training, TBD 11) 10% increase in Program Staff salaries (Cost of living increased 6 8% in Haiti, 2013) 12) Addition of Director of Student Services, January 2014. 13) Addition of administrative assistant for Felisane Clinic 14) Addition of staff for cyber cafe and business services 15) Develop covenant relationships to support 100% of the U.S. Executive Director deaconess appointment to HAPI 16) Add a US bookkeeper 17) Ind VIM position to assist volunteer coordination 18) 3% annual increase for U.S Executive Director 19) Merlet Center cyber caf and business services open early 2014 20) Add 2 - 4 laptops for staff operations 21) 2000 sq. ft. new clinic space and 7,500 gallon cistern 22) Expansion of green power and electrical system for 2 facilities (5kw to 9kw) 23) Facility and grounds construction details completed at Merlet Center

Activities Plan

A. Merlet Ctr in process. - Get quote / drawings / material list for wall, identify funding, invite teams, hire local work crew. B. Connect with source in Haiti to file documents. C. Connect with business & art department at Indiana Wesleyan. D. Establish doctor to visit clinic on rotation. - Send written request & documentation of nurse license to EMH. E. HAPI fundraising for land. File documents with EMH. F. Identify families. - Educate. - Hire and assign a healthcare worker for follow-up & evaluation. G. Research maternal care models and develop plan of implementation and funding source. H. Work with RCD on community survey instrument. - Train RCD on use of GPS. - Collect data with GPS unit. - Send to GIS partner to enter data into map. - Post on HAPI website. I. Training in technical' skills such as beading, painting, business. - providing space, electricity, and new equipment. - connect to other local / international artisan markets. J. Donor fund development. K. After Merlet & the security wall, identify next priorities of community infrastructure related to clinic, church & school in partnership with EMH. O. Sell more of first CDs to fund the second. P. Need curriculum, instructor for toeffl. - funding for music. Q. 4H curriculum and train the trainer tentatively scheduled for August. R. Identify and schedule speakers & performers for Sept 23. S. fund development with congregations & individuals expand board members with fund development / event planning skills. T. Teams scheduled through the Methodist Church of Haiti. U. Speaking engagements, newsletter. V. Hire local tutor. - tuition support for.

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Project Contact

Valerie Mossman-Celestin
US Project Coordinator
(616) 446-9558

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Tsiritsimihena E. Rakoto
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