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Ganta United Methodist Hospital

Ganta United Methodist Hospital

Advance #15080N

#15080N - Providing quality and affordable healthcare in the rural north

Annual Goal:$300,000.00
YTD Gifts:$61,568.25
Location: Liberia Africa
Partner:The UMC, Liberia Annual Conference


Before 1926, modern medicine was virtually nonexistent in north central Liberia. Traditional herbalists were the primary healers and their practices were mostly based on superstition; they relied heavily on trial and error. Hygienic practices and basic sanitation were rarely observed. As a result, many persons died prematurely from curable and preventable diseases, including cases that required surgical intervention. In 1926, what started as a Methodist supported health post has grown to a full-fledged acute care referral hospital providing many healthcare services to include community-based primary healthcare, dental clinic, eye clinic, diabetes clinic, maternity clinic, well baby clinic, etc. Due to the increasing demands of emerging diseases and population growth, we desire to renovate our current facility to accommodate modern sanitation and hygiene needs while expanding critical care areas such as laboratory, operating rooms, etc. There are ongoing needs for building repairs (replacement of window and door screens, repair of plumbing systems, structural repairs, etc.). Our moral mandate is to provide quality, affordable health services for subsistence farming families. In our ongoing efforts to provide affordable healthcare, we cannot charge realistic fees to a public too poor to afford such fees. Until Liberia's economy improves and the annual income for subsistence farming families (70% of the population are subsistence farmers earning less than $900.00 annually), we must continuously search for diversified and creative ways to subsidize our operational budget while remaining true to our moral mandate.

Goals & Objectives

1. To renovate and expand existing hospital buildings. 2. To improve on basic sanitation and hygiene in the hospital environment. 3. To increase preventive health services for up to 150 communities 4. To provide salary and administrative expenses for staff to include (administrator, comptroller, one doctor)

Activities Plan

1. Seek funding from local and foreign partners for supporting salaries for key staff (administrator, comptroller, and one doctor) during 2015-2017 as the hospital works towards sustaining these salaries within a three-year time frame. 2. Seek funding from local and foreign partners for the hospital building improvement, renovation and expansion work, 2015-2017. 3. Begin building improvement, renovation and expansion efforts by 2015 and end by December 2017. 4. Ongoing training of housekeeping unit's staff, as well as promoting best sanitation and hygienic practices among nursing (and other medical) staff in order to enhance infection control efforts. 5. Strengthen community-based primary healthcare project supported by USAID/Curamericas with a target of reaching 150 communities by 2016.

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Missionary Serving this Project

Albert G. Willicor

Project Contact

Patrick Mantor
+231 880834162

Global Ministries Contact

Olusimbo Ige
(404) 460-7512