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Advance #14962A

#14962A - Equipping the communications laboratory with computers

Annual Goal:$49,000.00
Location:Kamina Congo, (Democratic Republic) Africa
Partner:The UMC, North Katanga Annual Conference


North Katanga area was cut from the rest of the world because of the lack of good and appropriate communication our goals and equipment. And it has also been noticed that reports of different projects are not sent back to donors on time due to the lack of communication. Thus, Communication office would like to equip its office with instruments that will help us achieve. Since 2005, the project was mounted to have a laboratory room equiped with computers and internet service. Today, the communication laboratory is at work with the internet connection and today we are intalling a distance learning system which will be operational soon. Yet, we are still in need of computers since we have only one computer bought 2 years ago and video cameras and other communication equipments to help us file and send reports on time.

Goals & Objectives

The need for the 4 years ahead is focused on 30 computers: - 5 for communication office use. - 25 for training information technology students. 5 Digital cameras Cameras for reports use.

Activities Plan

Purchase and Intall 5 computers in the communications office. Purchase and install 25 computers in the communications office hall for training purposes. Obtain 5 digital cameras for filing reports of projects in North Katanga.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goa
Local Financial Support


Purchase of 30 Computers
Purchase of Digital cameras

Project Contact

Rev. Betty Kazadi

Global Ministries Contact

Yollande S. Yambo