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Community Health & Agricultural Development (CHAD-Cambodia)

Community Health & Agricultural Development (CHAD-Cambodia)

Advance #14916A

#14916A - Transforming communities by providing training in health, agriculture and microloan initiatives

Annual Goal:$65,000.00
YTD Gifts:$6,345.00
Partner:Methodist Mission in Cambodia


80 percent of Cambodians residing in rural areas live on subsistence farming, which is associated with poor health. Many rural communities have inadequate food production, health information and care, lack employment opportunities and have poor water supplies that affect community health, especially the health of children. The period of civil conflict resulted in institutional deterioration that excluded rural populations from social and economic opportunities has led to a lack of hope that limits people from seeing possibilities for change. Such exclusion from opportunities has undermined peoples' willingness to initiate change. Years of insecurity have eroded trust among people, which makes people reluctant to participate in community initiatives. CHAD, in partnership with United Methodist Church through Global Ministries (GBGM) and the Methodist mission agencies of Finland and Switzerland, has been working with local Methodist congregations in Cambodia to engage communities on these issues. The project area in 2012 extends to more than 100 project groups in 68 communities throughout Cambodia. CHAD aims to improve health, nutrition and livelihood options for rural Cambodians in villages where the Methodist Mission in Cambodia has established churches.

Goals & Objectives

4 areas of Strategic Focus. A) Holistic Ministry. Purpose 1: To increase capacity of leaders in the Methodist Church of Cambodia to integrate outreach ministries into congregational life. Purpose 2: To increase capacity of local churches to initiate and manage outreach activities in their communities. B) Health. Purpose 1: To increase access of church and community members to government health services. Purpose 2: To improve environmental and personal health and hygiene situation in the project areas through promotive/preventive health activities and medical outreaches. C) Food Security. Purpose 1: To increase and diversify sustainable farm production and consumption of high nutrition crops and livestock products. Purpose 2: To improve capacity for storage, processing and marketing of farm-related products. D) Income Generation. Purpose 1: To expand access of individuals (through groups) to micro-loans for small business. Purpose 2: To increase capacity of local groups to manage financial resources with sound stewardship transparency and accountability.

Activities Plan

A) Holistic Ministry. Activity 1. Support of the Social Concerns Committee of the Methodist Church of Cambodia. Activity 2. Mobilizing local congregations and pastors through study of the theology of development and biblical basis for holistic outreach. B) Health. Activity 1. Training of "Good Samaritan" and pastors as voluntary health advocates. Activity 2. Annual national campaign among churches for health promotions, such as HIV/AIDS awareness, Malaria/Dengue prevention, clean water etc. C) Food Security. Activity 1. Formation, support and monitoring of cooperative groups for food security such as cow, pig & chicken raising, rice banks, vegetable gardens. Activity 2. Technical workshops and study groups on agriculture skills such as compost making, chicken raising, etc. D) Income Generation. Activity 1. Formation, support and monitoring of cooperative groups for savings and rotating credit fund for general business, silk weaving, basket weaving, chicken raising, etc. Activity 2. Training in group management and record keeping skills.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support
UMC of Switzerland
PIM/NIM support for local staff


Local Khmer staff (5)
Training and workshops
Micro-loans for cows, chickens, rice-bank, silk weaving, savings & credit
Field visits & follow-up
Planning, evaluation, monitoring by Social Concerns Committee

Missionary Serving this Project

Kennedy Oafallas Cruz

Project Contact

Ken Cruz
+855(23)885 740

Global Ministries Contact

Myungim Kim
(212) 870-3573