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Salary Suppport and Training for Pastoral and Community Leadership

Salary Suppport and Training for Pastoral and Community Leadership

Advance #14552A

#14552A - Empowering leaders in various groups, improving infrastructure and maintaining staff

Annual Goal:$94,000.00
Partner:The UMC, Sierra Leone Annual Conference


The project was concerned with a few students and they only did certificate and few diplomas. Now the college is affiliated with the university and has degree status. Apart from that, the college now provides leadership in community work. The war devastated a lot of communities and so there is a great need for the development of the various communities. For a long time apart from the capital city of Freetown, there has been no theological college in other parts of Sierra Leone. Our college has now moved to the people through Long Distance to Kabala in the North; Bo in the South; Moyamba in the South West; and Kono in the East. This has created a large impact and has generated enthusiasm for our programs. There are many constraints due to bad roads and the poor state of vehicles. Despite that, we travel four or five times during the year to the rural areas. The Director of Theological Education and distance learning has both a vehicle and sometimes go by private transport. We are convinced that our presence should be felt in these areas. Recently we got a piece of land in the East of Sierra Leone, Kone and there is a need to develop it. If that is done, we will be able to train more leaders for the church and community for all the surrounding villages. Student in the rural areas need scholarships. The students are poor and can't afford to care themselves and pay for training.

Goals & Objectives

a.) To have better leaders and to have improved quality in service delivery by the end of their training period, approximately two or three years. b.) To build classroom blocks in the various long distance centers by the end of 2012 or at most 2013. c.) To be able to train at least a hundred leaders annually. d.) To be able to capacitate staff educationally and financially on an annual basis to reduce staff mobility.

Activities Plan

a.) Identify those to be trained through an application process and nominations by and through the church administration or church head. b.) Seek new donors who would help with scholarships and other resources that will enable students to pursue the various programs. c.) Find suitable contractors/architects to do the building plans and other related matters. d.) Encourage staff to take further training; help them in choosing suitable programs for improved capacity.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support


Building Extension
Library Development
Scholarships to 20 Students
Vehicle for Long Distance and TEE
Development and Writing Modules
Construction of Classrooms
Staff Training
Equipments--Computers, Printer, Photocopier

Project Contact

Mr. Phileas Jusu
232 76 444100

Global Ministries Contact

Yollande S. Yambo