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Campaign to Prevent Malaria

Campaign to Prevent Malaria

Advance #14454T

#14454T - Providing education and prevention strategies to reduce malaria in households and communities

Annual Goal:$5,875.00
YTD Gifts:$158.00
Location: Kenya Africa
Partner:The Methodist Church in Kenya


In the past, many children, especially under the age of five years, died of malaria. Their mothers could not access preventive measures, which were easy to apply and maintain for a given time, and they could not ensure that their children were safe where they slept. But with the accessibility to insecticide treated mosquito nets, the women have less burden of taking the children to the hospital for treatment. The mothers have been educated in how to use the mosquito nets and have been able to use the mosquito nets properly; the children have maintained their health status. Methods such as applying ash over the body including the face caused children to suffer from eye infections. When children suffered from malaria infection repeatedly, children were prone to complications of anemia, and this contributed to the morbidity and death of children at an early age. The project has helped the women seek treatment for their children early. Because the women have received education on malaria control and treatment from community health workers who have visited their homes and the villages, the women now understand the signs of malaria. The church has managed to reach many communities since they are at the grassroots level where the communities are marginalized with limited resources and accessibility to healthcare services. The community health workers were trained on clinical diagnosis of malaria and simple, recommended treatments approved by the government and referral systems. These workers have managed to refer many cases to dispensaries, health centers, and hospitals, thus saving many lives that would have been lost due to malaria, which is preventable. The church has also taken on the responsibility of training the church ministers who spare at least 10 minutes in the pulpit to provide health talks on nutrition, malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and immunization of children below five years of age. The church has also lobbied other partners to support in the malaria campaigns in areas where the church cannot reach with the limited resources available. Through the involvement of the church, the community has learned to participate in issues concerning their health. Most compounds are kept clean and tidy; some have built mosquito-proof wires to prevent mosquitoes from entering the houses.

Goals & Objectives

a.) To provide mosquito treated nets to 800 children less than five years old in Ugunja, Kimangaru, and Kamwathu communities. b.) To train 50 community health workers on malaria prevention and control. c.) To carry out 100 home visits to assess the impact of malaria control and prevention strategies. d.) To provide health information to church congregations in 50 churches.

Activities Plan

a.) Purchase 800 mosquito nets and arrange for distribution in Ugunja, Kamwathu, and Kimangaru communities. The targeted group includes children less than five years old, pregnant women, and people living with HIV/AIDS. The health workers will train the women on the treatment and the maintenance of the nets. b.) Identify 50 community health workers for training and identify a suitable time and venue for training. c.) Organize schedule for home visits per each community health worker. d.) Identify resource persons, within or outside the church, who can give health talks and education to the congregations during Sundays. e.) Organize monthly reports on the activities as well as recommendations for improvement in the project delivery.

Budget and Financial Information


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Purchase of 800 Treated Mosquito Nets
Training of 40 Community Health Workers
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Ruth Ketyenya

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Olusimbo Ige
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