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Shade and Fresh Water

Shade and Fresh Water

Advance #11580A

#11580A - Helping at-risk children and teens develop character through a national after-school network

Annual Goal:$100,000.00
YTD Gifts:$40,474.25
Partner:The Methodist Church in Brazil (National Headquarters)


When the project began in 2000, there were many street children and teenagers were prone to get involved in drugs, crime, and prostitution. In many cities, vigilante groups that sought to clean up the street, murdered street children. At the same time, the Brazilian Methodist church had a number of local projects that worked with at risk children and teenagers, but these efforts were disperse and uncoordinated. Many other churches were concerned about the children's situation but didn't know how to make a positive change A national network of after-school programs was created in 2000, an its first goal was to unify the church s effort and secondly to strengthen each local church program by providing common materials and regular training. This network has been very effective. Over the last 10 years, the number of projects has more than doubled, and thousands of children and teenagers are being reached. All the projects have a common vision and framework. Regular training has greatly increased the quality of each local project. Probably the most significant change has been a much clearer focus on the building of character and values of the more than 3000 children and teenagers involved in this network. Projects are constantly telling us of children and teenagers that were once involved in drugs, drug trafficking that have left this activity, and many of the current educators were once part of the program. Many local churches have involved these community children in the worship activities of the church and many are now Methodists.

Goals & Objectives

a) To provide Christian education material and educational resources for local projects working with children and teenagers at risk between 6 and 14 years of age. b) To provide training for the volunteers of local church projects that would enable them to become effective educators who know how to reach difficult children. c) To help the Brazilian Methodist church assume its holistic Wesleyan identity. d) To encourage every local Methodist church to be involved with children and teenagers at-risk in their communities. e) To provide small grants to local projects to buy equipment, or to provide materials or workshop leaders on a short-term basis that will enrich their program. f) To help local projects find local funding and support for their projects.

Activities Plan

a) A National Committee will meet regularly to oversee the development of the network and plan specific actions that will strengthen the network as a whole. b) The National network will provide coordination for campaigns that raise funds or other resources for the network as a whole. c) The National leadership will plan and implement trainings on a regular basis to train or improve the skills of volunteers and other workers in local projects. d) The National leadership will produce written material, audio-visuals, and other materials to unify the identity of the network and strengthen the activities of the local projects.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support
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National Staff and National Committee
Equipment, Telephones, and Supplies
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Grants to Local Projects and Regional Coordination

Project Contact

Keila Guimaraes
55 11 6813 8601

Global Ministries Contact

Juan Gattinoni
(212) 870-3771