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Advance #11056A

#11056A - Training and empowering women to be self-reliant and gain self-esteem

Annual Goal:$20,000.00
Location: Congo, (Democratic Republic) Africa
Partner:The UMC, North Katanga Annual Conference


Lots of single mothers and women in general who did not have a chance to attend school were not considered in the society. Thus, the project tends to empower them in terms of capacity building. The project organizes special training for single mothers and other women in Literacy (Readind and writing), sewing, vegetable gardening and fish ponds. The first experience has proved that women are becoming more reliant.

Goals & Objectives

To measure these objectives, the project will organize trainings in the form of seminars and workshops in different domains. Thus, we will continue to identify single women in two pilot districts: Kamina and Mulongo. In Kamina the identification has been done and we have a group of 55 women are under training.

Activities Plan

Organize the women in specific groups and teach them according to the modules: -Total number of women to be trained: 55 Module 1 -Literacy: 55 Module2 -sewing: Module 3 -Vegetable gardening

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance financial Goal
Local financial support


Training in Literacy
Training in Modules 1,2,3

Project Contact

Mrs. Sarah Kyungu

Global Ministries Contact

Yollande S. Yambo