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North Katanga Wings of the Morning

North Katanga Wings of the Morning

Advance #08597A

#08597A - Meeting critical medical needs through air transportation for the needy in rural areas.

Annual Goal:$250,000.00
YTD Gifts:$36,115.58
Location: Congo, (Democratic Republic) Africa
Partner:The UMC, North Katanga Annual Conference


The project started in 1960 by a missionary named Kenneth Enright, Since 1960 there are no new roads to facilitate transportation and most of the roads have deteriorated to become unusable due to lack of maintenance. A flight that can be made in two hours would normaly take four days by train, or one month driving during the rainy season if you don't break something. There is a Cholera epidemic along the Congo River every year in January and February. United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) often calls and asks us to distribute medicine and transport medical workers along the river to help victims. Every superintendent has a radio on which he can reach us as needed. When contacted, we will fly to those areas and transport the sick to hospitals. We serve everyone who needs help. We have been the 911 emergency contacts for the rural area of the Congo since 1960. The entire church depends on this program for evangelism, transportation of work teams, salaries, local and visitor church officials to different areas for their programs. The red cross at times also calls for our help.

Goals & Objectives

To be able to have a flying clinic that will be able to allow the program to serve more people in the bush at a time. This also means a bigger airplane for the program which will enable us to cover larger territory of this huge country. This large airplane will permit doctors and Volunteers In Mission (VIM) teams to do well their job in our villages. This large airplane will also help to combine several flights, to save manpower and time, as well as cover our own expenses (every empty seat is a payable seat in an area of 6 million people with no transportation).

Activities Plan

Find a bigger airplane that uses cheaper fuel, readily available in the country. We have been raising the necessary funds to achieve this goal. With God's help and we should achieve this goal before the end of this year.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support


Insurance: Cessna Caravan, P210 & C206
Salaries for workers i
Fuel, Airport taxes plus fuel, and other expenses
Local insurance

Missionary Serving this Project

Gaston Ntambo
Jeanne Ntambo

Project Contact

Gaston Ntambo

Global Ministries Contact

Yollande S. Yambo