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Cameroon Mission Initiative

Cameroon Mission Initiative

Advance #00344A

#00344A - Supporting pastors' salaries, leadership and outreach programs, ministries, and church facilities

Annual Goal:$150,000.00
YTD Gifts:$31,792.66
Location: Cameroon Africa
Partner:The UMC, Cameroon Mission Initiative


The Cameroon Mission Initiative began when a young Cameroonian, Victor Ayuk Enow, was befriended by Trinity UMC in Grand Rapids, Michigan, while a student at Calvin College. Thanks to the pastoral care of Reverend Charles Garrod, Mr. Ayuk became an enthusiastic Christian and United Methodist. When Mr. Ayuk returned to Cameroon and took a position in the administration of the government as an assistant to the Prime Minister, he worked as a lay pastor on weekends, and helped organize numerous cell groups and churches. Today, Cameroon has 28 places of worship served by 24 pastors: 8 ordained ministers, 8 probationary pastors, and 8 local pastors. A total of 1340 people in Cameroon have become part of the Methodist family. Some of the accomplishments of the mission have included a Christian education department, a women desk coordination, a youth department, a prison ministry, and a health department that provides for malaria prevention, HIV/AIDS sensitization, and free eye consultations.

Goals & Objectives

1. To give the people of Cameroon an opportunity to experience a Wesleyan model of being a people in a church of God. 2. To develop a strong lay, clergy, and youth base for this new ministry. 3. To build up existing congregations and establish new congregations. 4. To reach out to more social and diaconal ministries. 5. To become self-supporting, then reach out to other emerging churches.

Activities Plan

1. Nine pastors were ordained in July of 2010. Almost ten others are being trained right now in different seminaries here in Yaounde. 2. We have sent one lay person to be trained in music in Uganda. 3. We have built one church building so far. Another one is going to be built in 2012. 4. We will ask GBGM to appoint a Cameroonian as the leader of this mission very soon. This will give a sense of responsibility and ownership to Cameroonians. 5. Before letting a Cameroonian become the leader of the church, we will put in place an income generating project that will generate funding for the mission.

Budget and Financial Information


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Missionary Serving this Project

Nkemba Ndjungu
Joel Ncahoruri

Project Contact

Cayce Stapp
IMT Partnership Coordinator

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Edgar Avitia
(212) 870-3828