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Whether participating in a program to raise awareness of social issues, networking with others around the world, volunteering in a clinic, or dedicating their lives to long-term missionary service, young people transform their communities.

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  • Service Opportunities - Generation Transformation is an initiative of Global Ministries to increase opportunities for young adults to engage in mission throughout the connection. This includes supporting mission service within the UMC and Global Ministries’ flagship programs for young adults. These Global Ministries programs include: Global Mission Fellows, Global Justice Volunteers, Individual Volunteers.

Global Mission Fellows

Global Mission Fellows is a 2 year mission opportunity for young adults ages 20-30. Young adults are invited to engage with the local communities, connect the church in mission, and grow in personal and social holiness. This program allows for transformation and leadership development to take place while addressing roots of social injustices with other young people from around the world.

The settings may vary from Jerusalem, Palestine/Israel, to Memphis, Tennessee, US, but they are always in connection with a United Methodist-partner organization, faith community, or institution. Some may be called to work in an urban setting with labor organizers; others may work with children in a daycare center; some may help advocate for families in transitional housing.

All settings are places of hope, requiring solidarity, openness, and Christian love. The overarching Global Ministries philosophy of mission stems from the reality that missionaries serve with, not to or for others. The work of a missionary is one of solidarity and accompaniment.

Global Mission Fellow has 2 tracks: US-2 and International. Both track offer candidates the opportunity to be part of a cohort of other Global Mission Fellows. You will train and regroup with the same young adults throughout your 2 years of service, always have a support group to walk with you through your journey!

Global Justice Volunteers

The Global Justice Volunteers Program of the General Board of Global Ministries is a short-term service opportunity for young adults, ages 18 to 30. Participants are from all over the world and serve all over the world. Small teams of volunteers spend eight weeks during the months of June through August exploring the links between faith and social justice as they work with local grassroots organizations. Volunteers work alongside their host community to address critical issues such as HIV and AIDS, poverty, human trafficking, and migrants’ rights. This program gives the volunteers the opportunity to develop new skills, to learn from local experts, and to channel their passion to help build just communities.

Mission Volunteers

Get involved in mission during your vacation, required semester abroad or gap year. Put your faith into action while living in community with those you serve. The Mission Volunteer program offers individuals and couples the flexibility to volunteer for a period of two months to two years at placement sites all around the world, including the United States. Every effort is made to accommodate a volunteer’s placement choice. Raise your own funds, get trained, join with other volunteers, and be immersed in another culture.



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