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Begin a Covenant Relationship with a Global Ministries Missionary

There are over 300 Global Ministries missionaries serving in over 60 countries that are available for support through a Covenant Relationship.  Individuals and churches can partner with a missionary and provide financial, spiritual, and emotional support.

Your church can begin a Covenant Relationship by establishing a financial goal of  $5 per member of your church per year.  Individuals can Covenant with a missionary for $500 per year.   

This partnership is much more than a financial commitment. It is a dynamic relationship where the church and missionary pray for one another and communicate regularly. When you Covenant with one missionary, you are supporting the entire United Methodist missionary community on their behalf and in their name.

Learn about the funding sources and costs of sending a missionary and download this chart.


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Beware of internet property rental scams and other similar scams using missionary names.

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