Interested in spreading the word about Global Mission Fellows?

Check out all the resources we have to offer!  There are a variety of ways to spread awareness about Generation Transformation; we hope that you find what you are looking for.  If you have any questions regarding the materials please contact  Thank you! 

Generation Transformation Tool Kit  -   This kit includes information about the program such as brochures, editable and non-editable fliers, bookmarks and how to make a presentation. 

Bible Studies and other Educational Materials - Looking for bible study materials? Look no further!  We have Imagine What's NEXT curriculum and sermon starters available for you. 

External Resources - We partner with many other agencies and organizations.  Find out more about Discipleship Ministries, Higher Education Ministries, Global Ministries, and Division on Ministries with Young People and what resources they have to offer.

Videos - Explore our Generation Transformation Vimeo page for a variety of videos.  If you need a quick overview of our programs, we recommend using the Generation Transformation Launch video.

GMF Specific Resource Tool
Missionary Intranet - Active source of information that includes forms, handbook, calendar of events for Global Mission Fellows.