Financial Considerations

Loan deferment

Because this is a graduate fellowship program, many young adult missionaries defer their student loans until after their term of service is completed. Federally guaranteed student loans can typically be deferred. Private loans may vary, so check with your university and/or lending institution. If you are eligible for loan deferment, make sure to obtain and fill out the appropriate forms.


During their terms of service, Fellows receive a stipend - based on the principles of simple living - that covers toiletries, food, and basic personal items. On average, this is about $600 per month, but it differs from country to country according to the cost of living. In addition, compensation includes:

●     Housing and utilities

●     Local transportation

●     Relocation cost

●     Five weeks of training

●     Funds to itinerate at churches

●     End-of service-award of $1,500 USD or equivalent.