Application Timeline

Are you ready to become a Global Mission Fellow? Here’s what the process looks like:

● Submit your application. We have two due-date cycles. Applications for the first cycle are due November 15, and applications for the second cycle are due January 15.

● Applications are reviewed by a committee and background checks are completed.

● If you have a promising application and a clear background check, we’ll invite you to an Interview and Discernment Days (IDD) event. This event takes a few days, and allows candidates to get to know each other and interview with the program staff before making their decision. You need to participate in order to be considered for the program. On a case-by-case basis, participating via webchat is satisfactory.

● One to two months after Interview and Discernment Days, you’ll find out whether or not you’ve been approved for the program. If so, you will become an official candidate for missionary service.

● Our program staff will take the next month to match you with a placement site and partner organization. You’ll have an opportunity to interview and be interviewed by your potential partner.

● Before you go to your placement site, you’ll join the staff and the other fellows for training.

● At the end of training, you will be commissioned and sent to your placement site to begin your missionary service!