US-2 Alumni Testimonials

Mary Beth Byrne
US-2 Class 1962–1964

“The GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 program set my life on a trajectory of ministry throughout my career, primarily working with marginalized populations as an educator and counselor. In retirement, I am serving as a volunteer in mission in the Counseling and Career Services Office at Africa University. God isn't finished with me yet!My spiritual life has grown and deepened over the years as I continue to see God's hand at work, not only in my life, but also in the lives of others. I continue to seek God's forgiveness, love, and grace, even as I am called to share it with those I meet.”
—Mary Beth Byrne GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 Class 1962–1964, Served at Vashti Center in Thomasville, Ga.

William Wilson
US-2 Class 2011–2013

“The GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 experience led me to my call to full-time ministry as an elder in the United Methodist Church. It affirmed my gifts for this vocation and prepared me to think theologically about the world around me, especially in terms of assessing the needs of the community and speaking out against injustices in all forms. The experience also helped me gain financial aid for school expenses through scholarships and fellowships due to my service as a GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 missionary. I also benefited from the connections I developed while serving and continue to hold friendships with other missionaries and United Methodists around the country and the world.”
—William Wilson GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 Class 2011–2013, Served at United Campus Ministry in Fargo, N.D.

Beth Bostrom
US-2 class 2001–2003

“The people and experiences of the GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 program have shaped how I live. I encounter people and places with a different lens because of the questions that sat with us in those two years. I continue to be challenged and supported by my classmates as well as other former GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2s and Global Mission Fellows - Internationals with whom I've become friends. The network of young adult missionaries has been one of my favorite communities as we share a foundational understanding of faith lived through mercy and justice as well as piety.”
—Beth Bostrom GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 class 2001–2003 served with ECHO Outreach Ministries in Tallahasse, Fla.