The Global Mission Fellows program is bigger than two years of service. Once your final end-term event ended, you joined a network of passionate alumni. Your legacy is one of the program’s greatest strengths! Thank you for your service and your continued support. We’re still working on our model for alumni association. If you’ve got ideas about what would be most useful, please let us know In the meantime, check out our scholarships and promotional toolkit (coming soon).


The following scholarships are available to alumni of the US-2, Mission Intern, and Global Mission Fellows programs:

●     The Fund for Theological Education offers a $10,000 Volunteers Exploring Vocation Fellowship to first-year seminarians who have completed at least one year of volunteer service. Several US-2 alumni, Ashley Rosser and Wil Wilson, have received this scholarship recently.

●     Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary offers scholarships that cover 50 percent or more of tuition to master’s students who have served as volunteers in mission.

●     St. John’s School of Theology Seminary offers a Volunteer Corp Scholarship to full-time master’s students who have “experienced community in a volunteer corp.” This scholarship reduces the cost of tuition by 50 percent.