Program Structure

Young adults come from all over the world to serve as Global Mission Fellows. They gather for training, keep in touch throughout their terms of service, and debrief together after their term of service is up. This cohort model allows them to build community amongst themselves and support each other. Together, each class of Global Mission Fellows creates a movement of justice and peace.

Global Mission Fellows commit to 24-25 months of service. This provides space for deeper learning than a short-term mission experience. Fellows leave their home context and, over the course of two years, become dedicated community members in their placement sites. Each Fellow has an immediate supervisor within his or her partner organization so that their work stays in line with local priorities. Because they are commissioned as United Methodist missionaries, Fellows also receive support from Global Ministries.

Domestic Track

Applicants from the United States can choose to serve either domestically or internationally. The domestic track is a continuation of the US-2 program, which celebrated more than 60 years of the program [link to article on US-2 and MI Celebration]. Global Mission Fellows has the same values as the US-2 program, and adds new local service partners. The program adapts a hub model where young adults will be able to serve together. This model depends on strong local leadership and the connectional system.  Plans include establishing domestic service opportunities in countries other than the United States.

International Track

Applicants from all over the world can choose to serve internationally. The international track grows out of the Mission Intern program, which celebrated its 36th anniversary this year. Until 2012, the Mission Intern program was a 3-year program with 18 months of international service and 18 months of domestic service. The 2013 year was a transitional time in which Mission Interns were commissioned for 20 months of international service and 5 months of domestic service. The new international track of Global Mission Fellows is a 25-month program:

●     1.5 months of training and transition

●     20 months of international service

●     3.5 months transition, itineration, and project-oriented reintegration.

Project-oriented reintegration could include helping to train the next class of Global Mission Fellows, itineration, being a missionary-in-residence, or developing/joining a local project.