Program Structure

Global Mission Fellows commit to 24-25 months of service.
Applicants from the United States can choose to serve either domestically or internationally. 
At this time applicants outside of the United States will be serving internationally outside of ones home country.

Global Mission Fellows us-2 Track

24 Months serving with a marginalized community within the United States.
    1 Month Training and Itineration
    23 Months of service within the united states 
            Service begins in July 
            Service ends in July 24 months later.

Global Mission Fellows International Track

25 Months serving outside of ones home country 
    1.5 months of training and transition
    20 months of international service
    3.5 months transition, itineration, and project-oriented reintegration.
Project-oriented reintegration could include helping to train the next class of Global Mission Fellows, itineration, being a missionary-in-residence, or developing/joining a local project. 
        Service begins in July
        Service ends in August 25 months later