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Churchwide Special Sundays

General Conference created six unique Special Sundays to help congregations work with communities, rebuild shattered lives, strengthen self-sufficiency, encourage partnerships, nurture Native American ministries, model peace and justice, provide scholarships and loans for United Methodist students, and much more.

  • Human Relations Day: January 19, 2014. This Special Sunday celebrates the connectional work of United Methodist Churches.It supports the Community Developers Program and United Methodist Voluntary Service (UMVS), both of which are administered by Global Ministries, and the Youth Offender Rehabilitation Program administered by the General Board of Church and Society. Human Relations Day is celebrated on the Sunday before the national observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday.
  • One Great Hour of Sharing: March 30, 2014. The Sunday supports those who hurt and in greatest need, but the dedication is encouraged year round..The special offering supports the work of UMCOR.
  • Native American Ministries Sunday: May 4, 2014. This Sunday recognizes and supports the contributions of Native Americans to the church and society. The funds collected will allow The United Methodist Church to partner with existing native ministries and create programs on behalf of Native Americans.Money collected also supports seminary scholarships for United Methodist Native Americans. (Grant Application, PDF)
  • United Methodist Student Day: November 30, 2014. Your gifts on this Special Sunday go toward scholarship funds to help build leaders for tomorrow's church.

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