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The Research Office provides relevant church statistics and community demographics to local churches, districts, and annual conferences to foster church growth and development.

This data connects demographic data with United Methodist Church statistics and can inform outreach mission, new ministries, and revitalization. Analysis and interpretation are also available.

Free Demographic Resources:

Church and Community Profiles - Free church and community profiles are temporarily available here.

  • The Church Profile presents 10 years of church statistics for any United Methodist church, containing charts and graphs and providing a visual picture of the life of the church.
  • The Community Profile provides a concise presentation of key current demographics for the zip code of your choice.

Background Data for Mission is a monthly e-newsletter that analyzes church statistics, demographics, cultural trends, technology, and congregational development to provide thought-provoking insight into current ministry.

Additional  Demographic Resources

Demographic Snapshot is an 11-page, data-rich presentation of a wide variety of demographics, some with future projections. These can be obtained based on zip codes, any other established geographies, radii around an address or intersection, driving time, driving distance, or a custom geography traced on a map.
Cost: $25-30 if emailed in .pdf format.

Thematic Maps have demographic variations color-coded for easy identification. They indicate the levels of prevalence of the variable being measured. The standard four types of thematic maps are: Projected Population Change, African-American Population, Hispanic Population, and Median Household Income.
Cost for a set of four maps: $40 emailed.

Prizm NE Lifestyle Segments give great insight into the people groups living in a particular community. These reports identify which lifestyle segments are most prevalent in any study area, and in what percentages. For those wanting detail and recommendations for how to reach these folks, proprietary reports are now available.
Cost for distribution report: $20.
Cost for recommendations: $30 for the top three.

Combination Reports of the 11-page presentation, thematic maps, and lifestyle cluster reports, as noted above.
Cost: $97.

District Book is a comprehensive binder with Church Profiles and Community Profiles for all zips in the district, along with comprehensive summary tables. Provides a great overview.
Cost: $400.

District Thematic Maps are large (2’ X 3’) thematic maps of an entire district, including all churches located on the map.
Cost: $500.

Prime Location Web is online demographic reporting software available from Nielsen Claritas, which allows the user access to the most current demographic data in multiple approaches and reporting venues. Unlimited reports on over 4,000 demographic variables are available 24/7.
Cost: $4,500 per year.

Contact Information

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