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First Is Not Easy—But Sometimes Best
Daria Munkhbaatar, the first Global Mission Fellow and missionary from the UMC of Mongolia, describes her call to missionary service and her transition from the frozen north to the sunny shores of Gre ...
From Darkness to Light Banner2.jpg
From Darkness to Light—Transformation
Church and Community Worker Richard Boone guides readers through the process of transformation in a prison inmate’s life.
All in God’s Place and Time
Helen Roberts-Evans, a missionary working with education ministries in Liberia, explains how stepping back and retooling yields new avenues for following God’s call in missionary service.
Missionaries in the 21st Century: Diversity, New Vistas, and Challenges Cont.
Global Ministries’ general secretary considers the rewards and challenges of commissioning and deploying a diverse, multinational missionary community.
Treat Them as Your Native Born
Global Mission Fellow Emily Kvalheim sums up what she’s learned from clients of her JFON placement site in South Florida.

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