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About The Advance

What is The Advance?

Who gives through The Advance?

Why should I give through The Advance?

Why would I give through The Advance instead of sending money directly to a project or missionary?


Convenant Relationships

How do I establish a Church Covenant Relationship

How do I establish a Young Adult Covenant Relationship?

How do I establish an Individual Covenant Relationship?

What is the benefit of establishing an official Covenant Relationship?


Missionary Support

From what sources are missionaries funded?

How can I find a missionary's Advance support code?

How do we choose a missionary to support?

How does a financial gift support a missionary?

How many missionaries need support from local United Methodist churches through Covenant Relationships?

What is the total cost of a missionary?

Why support a General Board of Global Ministries' missionary?



How are Advance projects selected?

How are projects funded?

How can I receive an update on the projects I am supporting?