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The United Methodist Mission Map  

The new United Methodist Mission Map is designed to reflect the varied and dynamic world of contemporary mission work. This digital version of the map includes interactive paths for further exploration.

KEY: More than 300 missionaries (indicated by the red dots) serve as pastors, teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, church planters, and in a variety of other ways. The yellow and blue (UMCOR) ovals indicate the presence and quantity of Advance projects in countries throughout the world. In addition, the mission map shows the locations of UMCOR country offices and Mission Initiative countries. Going beyond just geographical points, the map includes 14 stories of individuals, projects, and partners that represent the changing world of mission.

Click on the stories and map legend (the rectangles at the bottom of the map) for related information on this website. 

Online version of mission map 2013

Explore: Mission Stories

The map highlights a variety of mission activity around the world. Read the selected stories below to learn more about these missions and ministries. 
You can also scroll over the map above and find related information on a separate web page.

 Mission story NPHLM sm
Assigned through the National Plan for Hispanic
and Latino Ministries, the Rev. Jaime Vázquez is
a missionary whose work focuses on new congregational development near Phoenix,

 Mission Story NOAH sm
Brandon C. Powell is a US-2 missionary with the N.O.A.H. Project working with homelessness
in Detroit, Michigan.
 Mission Story Roma sm
The Roma Mission serves one of the most
vulnerable and marginalized communities in
Eastern Europe. The Alsózsolca Roma UMC
in Hungary is the oldest Roma United Methodist congregation in Europe.
 Mission Story Mongolia sm

The Mongolia Mission Initiative supports congregational development, mission work, evangelism, education, and healthcare.

 Mission story Donna-Pewo sm
Donna Chaat Pewo serves as a Church
and Community Worker
with Cheyenne and
Arapaho children in Clinton, Oklahoma.

 Mission Story Sager Brown sm
The UMCOR Sager Brown Depot is the
headquarters for UMCOR’s relief supply
operations. Each year, more than 2,000
volunteers prepare about US $4 million in
supplies for shipment from the Baldwin,
Louisiana campus.

 Mission Story Jerusalem office sm
The Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem is a partnership of the World Methodist Council, the Methodist Church of Britain, and the General
Board of Global Ministries of The United
Methodist Church.

 Mission Story ARI sm

Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is an Advance Project
in Tochigi, Japan. Each year, ARI carries out
a 9-month rural leaders training program to
study sustainable agriculture through integrated
organic farming, community development, and leadership. Missionary Jonathan Daniel McCurley serves as community life coordinator at ARI.

 Mission Story Shade and Fresh Water
Shade and Fresh Water Project in Brazil helps
at-risk children and teens develop character
through a national afterschool network.
Mission Story Haiti earthquake sm
UMCOR has been responding in Haiti since the earthquake occurred on January 12, 2010.

Mission Story Aviation sm

Missionary Gaston Ntambo is a pilot with
the United Methodist aviation ministry in
the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),
which provides transportation support
for all aspects of the church’s ministry,
including medical, evangelical, and 
relief outreach.

Mission Stories Laura Wise sm
Laura K. Wise is a young adult missionary
serving as a peace advocate associate on the
island of Mindanao in the Philippines. (Laura is now serving her domestic placement at Global Ministries' headquarters in New York.)

   Mission Story Kissy Hospital sm

Started in the 1970s, Kissy Hospital in 
Sierra Leone, through the work of UMCOR,
is now a thriving 60-bed health facility.

 Mission Stories UMCOR water sm

UMCOR’s Water and Sanitation program is
helping vulnerable communities gain better
access to clean water by locating safe water
sources, educating communities, and improving sanitation in Zimbabwe.


National Plans Church and Community Workers Shade and Fresh Water Project, Brazil Roma Mission UMCOR Haiti Relief Sager Brown Depot Missionaries in Service Advance Projects Mission Initiatives UMCOR Coutry Offices Kissy Hospital United Methodist Aviation Ministries Generation Transformation

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Visit the Explore Our Work section of the website to learn more about mission activities throughout the world. The individual country pages feature interactive topographical maps, related news stories, missionary profiles, and Advance projects. Mission Initiative country profile pages include a historical analysis of the role of The United Methodist Church in the region.

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