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United Methodist Aviation Ministries (UMAM) is a ministry of transportation, connection and service to many rural communities in Africa.

Currently, UMAM works out of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) supporting emergency relief efforts, evangelism, education, church and leadership development or other church ministry transportation needs.

United Methodist Aviation Ministries from Salty Stache Productions on Vimeo.

UMAM Projects

UMCOR Aviation Project
#3019626 - Replacing and refurbishing aircraft used in UMC ministry and mission

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Wings Newsletter

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United Methodist Aviation Ministries (UMAM)

Meet the Pilots

Umembudi, Jacques Akasa
#14020Z - Jacques Umembudi is the program Director for the Wings of Caring Aviation Ministry, D.R. C ...
Ntambo, Gaston Nkulu
#14177Z - Gaston Ntambo is a pilot with Wings of the Morning Aviantion Ministry, North Katanga Annua ...
Gabler, Daniel
#12939Z - Daniel Gabler is serving in aviation ministries in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ...
Quigg, Gail
#07995Z - Gail Z. Quigg is a missionary assigned to church aviation ministries.
Quigg, Stephen Paul
#07994Z - Stephen Quigg is the coordinator of Global Ministries-related aviation ministries.
Chikomb, Rukang
#14959Z - Rukang D. Chikomb is assigned as director of Southern Congo Wings of the Morning, the avia ...

Contact Information

Stephen P. Quigg
Read Stephen P. Quigg's biography.

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